JCW Appreciation Post

Today was a special day. It was Chang Wook oppa’s last official schedule. In other words, it’s the last time I’m going to see him… It was super nice of him to have one last V Live broadcast for all his fans. In this last broadcast, he prepared his playlist of songs (so that we can listen to the songs when we miss him), a playlist of movies (to watch when we miss him), his recommended list of dramas starring him (to slowly watch over the 21 months). At the start of the broadcast, 오빠 told the fans not to ask him 3 things: 1) Don’t ask him to show his abs cos he doesn’t have any, 2) Don’t ask him to choose which of his acting projects were the most memorable (it’s hard to choose) and lastly 3) Don’t ask him not to go army because he has to serve his country ㅋㅋㅋ

It was quite a bittersweet process. Bitter because I’m genuinely gonna miss this boy so much. Sweet because he was smiling and promised to have more concerts when he return. He even wrote some sweet stuff and froze to let us screenshot and set as wallpaper HAHAHAHA! How cute is Chang Wook?! 

The first 2 pictures basically say: “Oppa is leaving soon” and the one with the pouty face says, “Honey~ don’t cheat on me!” #idied Doesn’t he have the cutest handwriting ever?! 

Anyway, yesterday was unbelievable! I actually won in a JCW giveaway and GUESS WHAT? I won a mega huge poster with HIS AUTOGRAPH!!!!!! Omg. Exhilarated. The lady commented that I must be a huge fan because I submitted so many entries. I could only grin sheepishly. 

I even asked her, “Was this really signed by Ji Chang Wook???” She said Yes!!! And proceeded to show me where he signed a little too hard and the ink bled through. It’s even more incredible to touch something my idol has touched before ( ̄▽ ̄) This is probably my first time winning a kpop related giveaway, so happy!!!!!!!!!! 

Anyway, in this post I actually just want to say… I will wait for you, Chang Wook ah~ I know you’re super worried that you will be forgotten by your fans after enlisting in the army. For 21 months there will be no Ji Chang Wook on TV screens. But here’s me assuring you that yes, we will all wait for you. So please serve your nation well and be healthy. And North Korea, here’s me being a silly fangirl advising you not to do any weird shit to South Korea for the next few years. 拜托啦 因为我的偶像全部都要进兵了 🤦🏻‍♀️ 

For the next 21 months without you, I’m gonna work harder. On my 24th birthday, you’ll be back!!! 21 months isn’t that Long right? ㅠㅠ it shouldn’t be long… but here’s me promising you that when you’re back from army, I’ll still be as big of a fan as I am now. And come to Singapore so that I can see you. Just like you mentioned, we are gonna meet in 2019 as more mature and better people. 

Goodbye Chang Wook ah~ stay healthy and happy too. I’ll see you in 2019. 

약속 ❤️🤙🏻 


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