Bought FE Fates ysd from a guy, but I guess he didn’t really take good care of his games. The box art was torn. I didn’t really see it until later on and my heart sank a little. It really matters to me that the box must be in good condition because I like to keep them. But still, I got them for a really cheap price ^^ 

Lots of thoughts ran through my head. Should I sell it then buy another one? Should I ignore it? Yet when I looked at the game, I knew I couldn’t just ignore or sell it. I can only imagine how much it must’ve gone through to be so holey 😂  so I decided to try my best to “restore” it. 

How it looks like after restoration: pretty good huh? You can barely see the holes! You can’t even tell where it has been torn. I’ve never felt so accomplished. 

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