Have you ever met someone, interact with them and wonder how the heck did you spend years of your life not knowing them? It’s as if they showed you a whole new world. 

That’s how I felt when I started playing Fire Emblem. I started with Awakening and was immediately hooked. The last time I felt this alive was when Pokémon Moon came out. I can’t believe it took me so long to jump onboard the FE ship! I’m in love!!!!!!!!! I recalled when I first bought my 3ds, the guy asked if I wanted the Fire Emblem Fates Special edition 3ds, and I was like Nahhhhhh. Now I’m kinda regretting it hahaha. @__@ 

What I love about that game is that the art style, story plot, fantasy elements are amazing. And the OSTs? Surreal! The characters are very lovable and their fight scenes are hella intriguing. Oh boy, I just love it so much. I’ve been surviving on little amounts of sleep since I started playing. That’s when I know it’s a good game. There’s not a lot of things during the hols that can make me jump out of bed early in the morning (by early I mean noon). I’m a hardcore bed-lazer. But for the past few days I really can’t stop thinking about the game and it became a motivation to get out of bed. Wheee! 

But one thing I noticed about such games is that they tend to show the characters being self-sacrificial in the suicidal way. Wait…is it considered suicidal? I Guess so. For instance, to save the world, A decided that the best way is to kill/sacrifice himself so that he can save the rest. I think little kids may get the wrong idea hehe. 

Today I stared at my 3ds and I felt my heart beat so fast. I feel incredibly joyful every time I gaze at that wonderful piece of technology 😉 thank you Nintendo. You’re the best seriously. And I want a Ps4 so baaaaaaaaaad so many good games ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. But patience, young kiyodu. Good things come to those who wait and in this case— good price. May the price of Ps4 drop more so that I can afford it v(^o^)v

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