Early morning/late night thoughts 

I really want to see Chicago Blackhawks hoist the Stanley cup again. I want it to happen with the team of cores we have now. Because soon the team roster will change into something entirely different and things won’t be the same anymore… I receive news that Kruger and TVR might be traded to the new Las Vegas team and my heart died a little. Kruger, the amazing guy who didn’t mind a smaller salary just so he can stay with Hawks. And TVR, the dude who never fail to put on a bright smile on his face no matter the outcome of the game. And there’s the list of players who might also leave: Hammer, Breadman, Arti, Seabsy, etc. I’ve become so used to having them around, especially hammer and Seabs. Sometimes I think NHL really isn’t for me— someone who doesn’t take changes well. Haha. Or I could view this as a form of practice to teach me how to get used to changes. It’s just that every time i countdown to the remaining years Crow has with the Hawks and I dread it so much. I do hope I have a chance to watch a Hawks game before Crow leaves (please don’t leave)… 

Oh please, Hockey gods, could you let 2018 be Hawks’ year? I mean seriously guys, let’s work harder and bring our fiery drive back. People are saying you guys suck but I think those people are mean and crazy. We don’t suck, we’re just a little lost. Let’s go Blackhawks, let’s go. 

Also, Scott Darling’s Story. I’d like to keep this link here forever on my little writing space. I love my goalies so much. Scott, some day I’ll find a way to get your autograph and a picture and also tell you how courageous you are for pulling yourself back up. 🙂 

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