So here’s the thing…

I don’t usually rant about people. Honest to god, if you offend me once or twice or sometimes thrice, I still keep it to myself. Maybe I’ll dwell over it for a while, but I don’t complain too much. Because I understand. That in this world, in certain situations, some circumstances may bring out the best in us— or the worst. We are humans with personalities and individual thoughts and beliefs. Totally normal. Bits and pieces of the happenings of our life shape us into the people we are now. If I can’t understand that, I’ll be a disgrace to my major. 

But here’s another thing, sometimes no matter how hard I try, some people really do pisses me off. Time and time again, I find myself being trampled on by a more “dominant” being, perhaps by status or simply an imaginary rank. Yeah well, we will always have someone of a higher rank than us. Totally fine but Gosh, how can some of them be so unreasonable? In this past week, I ranted to 5 people about you. What a record! “ 你不尊重我,我尊重你。你还不尊重我,我还尊重你。你再不尊重我,我就废了你!”

When such events occur, I constantly have thoughts of wishing that I could be mean enough so that people would stop stepping all over me. I wish I was intimidating. I wish I can be rude. I kept thinking that way but now, at freaking 5:14 am, I hate that I have to think that way. You should wish that you can be kinder and more understanding towards others. You should wish that you can be more polite and friendly. Why the heck am I wishing to be like you, just so that I won’t be “bullied” by you? You’re terribly mean and I never ever want to be like you! 

So may this world always be filled with more kind people than nasty ones. May this world be filled with more understanding souls rather than those who criticise others for everything they’ve done. Oh good lord. May my world be rid of you. 

But still…. thank you for giving me many wonderful friends who tolerated listening to my rants. Phew. 

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