Went to watch the very first movie of the year. Yeah, I don’t always watch movies in cinemas because…pocket $ problems. If I watch a movie in a cinema out of my own intention, it must be a really special movie *blushes*. It must be even more special if the very tired me actually drag myself to the cinema at night just to watch the movie.

I watched Fabricated City… I waited for so long for it to reach Singapore…. omgosh.,,,,,.. alright I admit it was more intense and bloody than I expected. I watched my poor Chang Wook getting beaten up over and over again, and boy! Do I just want to help him! It was a pretty good movie I must say. And yes I’m biased. Even if it’s a shitty movie, which it’s not, I will still say it’s brilliant. Because I know he put in so much effort in filming action movies… and he looks so…… 😍 but I hope you don’t do action movies anymore if it gives you body aches. HEALTH IS WEALTH. I think I forgot to blink throughout the movie and I stared really intensely and…..my right eye watered  so much. My vision became blurred. Yes I was admiring the epitome of beauty on the movie screen until I forgot to blink. 

I sound like a crazy fangirl which I am. But okay it was a great movie. Anything with hackers and action are my go-to movies. Gosh, I want to be a hacker so badly. Okay. I think I just failed. I don’t think hackers will announce they want to be hackers…..online somemore. I don’t know how to erase my digital footprint. I don’t even know how to access the Dark Web. My old laptop was override by Trojan horses. I think the closest I came to feeling like a hacker was when I smug PQ pieces out in Maple. Those good old days when I was actually… erm useful. But DAMN!!!!!! Love the movie, love Ji Chang Wook even more ❤️🙆🏻

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