If there’s anything you must remember regarding life

It is that it’s not over until it’s over. 

Right until the very last minute, you still stand a chance. #Anythingcanhappen 

Been feeling pretty dejected these few days because of that terrible loss to Preds. I love my Hawks so much and I like their current roster but I predict huge changes are about to arrive. Salary cap…what a dreadful word. I’ve heard news that Scott darling might be leaving because he no longer wants to be a back up goalie. It hurts my heart to see such a great goalie to be a back up and he deserves better. But I cannot imagine a better pair of goalies besides Crow and Darling. Love the both of them so much! I want darling to be a proper goalie but I don’t want Crow to be traded away. I wish Crow can be Hawks goalie for as long as time allows…

Yesterday I suddenly miss Teuvo a lot and that boy deserves better I tell you. Idk why they traded him to the hurricanes but I really want him back. Not gonna lie, I miss my 2015 Hawks team……….

Okay enough rambling. Back to work.


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