My mood now 

Funny thing is, I was disappointed that I won’t be watching the game on 24th cos I will be doing my finals. In fact, my prof’s team advanced to the next round of playoffs but mine got swept. Who knew the funny thing would be there won’t even be a game on 24th anymore. Oh no, it hurts. 

In fact when they kept scoring against us it already hurts. Down to the last minute I was almost in tears as I watched my team get bashed up so bad. We’ve worked so hard throughout the regular season but somehow when the playoffs start, everyone seemed exhausted and just not there. They played like crap, I’ll be honest. Not because they are untalented, but they seem low in motivation. Perhaps something happened among the team, whatever it is, I hope the summer ahead will solve it. Rest well, my Hawks. 

I cannot find words to express how sad I am. We got swept. Swept. SWEPT. But still, hats off (or should I say helmets) to Preds. I saw your passion and your urgency. You guys want the cup badly. My team was just not there. I can only imagine how delighted preds fans are right now. Everyone predicted Hawks in 6/7, who knew it’ll be Preds in 4? 

But that’s okay. I’ll suck it up and get back into finals mood. Super painful loss. Even more painful than last year’s elimination because at least you guys were playing hard. This year you guys were just absent. But thank you Crow, people kept blaming you but I think you did great. Our defensemen were absent but you held up. #50 and #33, you’ll always be my favourite goalies. 

So there there. We’ve always got next season. It’s okay. You’ll always be my Chicago Blackhawks. ❤️

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