Sayonara, Sammy

I think I might actually miss this semester. It was a weird one. It wasn’t particularly good but it wasn’t all that bad either. I faced some really low moments, but there were a few good memories too. Weird huh? 

I spent last night and the entire today binge watching New Girl. I don’t know why I did that, considering that finals are in two weeks’ time. But I swear if Nick and Jess never get back together before this show ends, I don’t know what is love anymore. Yeah yeah maybe they’re pretty different people, but the way they look at each other just says it all…. just some good acting right there yeah? I’m so tempted to read the spoilers for season 6 finale but I don’t want to ruin the moment…. but Gosh! 

In one episode, Schmidt was asking Winston what the hell was he wearing to work? Do people at the station not laugh at him? (He’s a cop). Winston replied that of course they do and his suggestion (or complaint) box is full all the time. People write mean insults to him. But there’s only one suggestion that he listens to— one that says things like, “Great job!” “Well done.” And that suggestion is from himself. No one else’s matters. He then walks away, and Schmidt commented, “Now that’s a Goosebumps Walkaway!” 

It was a good moment. I don’t paraphrase it well enough but moments like these are why I appreciate good tv shows. 

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