So tired 

I’m so tired……. I want to sleep so badly. Haha. Can’t wait for finals to be over……… I think my skin condition has deteriorated due to the late night cramming sessions zzz.   I have soulless eyes. Tired brain. Oh but look at how cute Ji Chang Wook is. 

If there’s anything you must remember regarding life

It is that it’s not over until it’s over. 

Right until the very last minute, you still stand a chance. #Anythingcanhappen 

Been feeling pretty dejected these few days because of that terrible loss to Preds. I love my Hawks so much and I like their current roster but I predict huge changes are about to arrive. Salary cap…what a dreadful word. I’ve heard news that Scott darling might be leaving because he no longer wants to be a back up goalie. It hurts my heart to see such a great goalie to be a back up and he deserves better. But I cannot imagine a better pair of goalies besides Crow and Darling. Love the both of them so much! I want darling to be a proper goalie but I don’t want Crow to be traded away. I wish Crow can be Hawks goalie for as long as time allows…

Yesterday I suddenly miss Teuvo a lot and that boy deserves better I tell you. Idk why they traded him to the hurricanes but I really want him back. Not gonna lie, I miss my 2015 Hawks team……….

Okay enough rambling. Back to work.

My mood now 

Funny thing is, I was disappointed that I won’t be watching the game on 24th cos I will be doing my finals. In fact, my prof’s team advanced to the next round of playoffs but mine got swept. Who knew the funny thing would be there won’t even be a game on 24th anymore. Oh no, it hurts. 

In fact when they kept scoring against us it already hurts. Down to the last minute I was almost in tears as I watched my team get bashed up so bad. We’ve worked so hard throughout the regular season but somehow when the playoffs start, everyone seemed exhausted and just not there. They played like crap, I’ll be honest. Not because they are untalented, but they seem low in motivation. Perhaps something happened among the team, whatever it is, I hope the summer ahead will solve it. Rest well, my Hawks. 

I cannot find words to express how sad I am. We got swept. Swept. SWEPT. But still, hats off (or should I say helmets) to Preds. I saw your passion and your urgency. You guys want the cup badly. My team was just not there. I can only imagine how delighted preds fans are right now. Everyone predicted Hawks in 6/7, who knew it’ll be Preds in 4? 

But that’s okay. I’ll suck it up and get back into finals mood. Super painful loss. Even more painful than last year’s elimination because at least you guys were playing hard. This year you guys were just absent. But thank you Crow, people kept blaming you but I think you did great. Our defensemen were absent but you held up. #50 and #33, you’ll always be my favourite goalies. 

So there there. We’ve always got next season. It’s okay. You’ll always be my Chicago Blackhawks. ❤️

Dear Hawks, 

If I study really hard today, could you guys try harder to win the game tomorrow? 

Can you try harder to proceed to round 2 of the playoffs? It’s important to me that you don’t get eliminated so early on in the game… 

I can’t spend my entire summer break with nothing to root for. I need a motivation to get out of bed early to watch your games. 

So please Hawks, please win for yourself and for me. 

Bestest regards,


I waited 3 seasons for this moment

For the first time in my life, I watched a season finale before I watched the other episodes of that season. I couldn’t wait anymore! I just wanted to see this moment. YEAAAAHH one of the tv couples that I ship so much are back together. Stay together both of you, work out your differences like adults. I think we all knew both of you never stopped loving each other.

Now that I’ve watched this, I can finally focus on mugging for finals. OR CAN I?

“Hey, Miller.”


Sayonara, Sammy

I think I might actually miss this semester. It was a weird one. It wasn’t particularly good but it wasn’t all that bad either. I faced some really low moments, but there were a few good memories too. Weird huh? 

I spent last night and the entire today binge watching New Girl. I don’t know why I did that, considering that finals are in two weeks’ time. But I swear if Nick and Jess never get back together before this show ends, I don’t know what is love anymore. Yeah yeah maybe they’re pretty different people, but the way they look at each other just says it all…. just some good acting right there yeah? I’m so tempted to read the spoilers for season 6 finale but I don’t want to ruin the moment…. but Gosh! 

In one episode, Schmidt was asking Winston what the hell was he wearing to work? Do people at the station not laugh at him? (He’s a cop). Winston replied that of course they do and his suggestion (or complaint) box is full all the time. People write mean insults to him. But there’s only one suggestion that he listens to— one that says things like, “Great job!” “Well done.” And that suggestion is from himself. No one else’s matters. He then walks away, and Schmidt commented, “Now that’s a Goosebumps Walkaway!” 

It was a good moment. I don’t paraphrase it well enough but moments like these are why I appreciate good tv shows.