Happy birthday Kikwang ah~ it’s hard to believe when I first know you we were celebrating your 21st birthday. And now it’s your 28th birthday while I’m 21. Time is kind of scary when it flies by so quickly and unknowingly. 

Highlight managed to clinch a triple crown this week on 3 music shows. I’m so happy for them! Perhaps things are less scary when you have friends to go through it with you. Their bromance is honestly no joke. Stay together as long as you can, okay Highlight? 

Yesterday was not a very good day. The only highlight of my day was watching Kiki and Dongwoonie celebrating his birthday on V Live (see what I did there?). Then I spent the whole day just dazing. And also doing useless things like catching up with Modern Family and TBBT episodes. 

TBBT has changed so much ever since it first started. Everything is so different now and I don’t take change well. Sheldon is no longer Leonard’s roommate and he’s living in Penny’s apartment with Amy. While I understand the need for character development, I dislike the idea of Sheldon in Penny’s apartment. And Sheldon’s old room is now Raj’s room. Surprisingly Sheldon is taking this change better than me…he must’ve really love Amy! Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment had always been the apartment filled with geeky stuff…lightsabers, posters, and all your cool figurines and shit. But now they’ve removed so much of it! Penny’s apartment is so….normal. There’s no figurines and interesting things on display. The show wenr from full-on geekiness to a very toned down one. I truly miss the good old times whereby they were single and rocking the geek life… but character development. 

Anyway, here’s to hoping today won’t suck. 


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