What? Today was amazing…

I may or may not just have one of the best days in school out of the short time I’m here. A little scared when I get too happy because it means sadness will come next. But today was honestly a really good school day ㅋㅋㅋ 

It started off really tiring because I had 8:30 class and I couldn’t get up… I was quite afraid for this class because I skipped last week’s and was way behind time. It was my oils & acrylics class and we had to paint self portraits. I only had 2 hour + to complete last week’s PLUS this week’s work 😂 When I came to class (late…), my teacher was like,”You didn’t come last week? Oh no Jia lat.” but he was patient enough to sit me down and teach me again! It was a little embarrassing because he used my “selfie” to demonstrate….. #selfconsciousproblems. But anyway I unleashed my Kiyo Power and somehow managed to paint even faster than the rest of my classmates! I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but my painting skills improve a lot when I paint UNDER PRESSURE. My teacher actually praised me for catching up and said, “Wah you are really a go getter! How about next week don’t need come too?!” 

I proceeded to run for my next class which sadly, I was late for. Was really scared because the prof dislikes latecomers and I’m almost always late thanks to painting class. Everyone started on their test and somehow I managed to ketchup and finished on time. I didn’t do as badly as I thought I would so…. yay! Class was alright but what got me happy was my prof raised an example about American men and sports team. He said in the U.S., if you don’t have a fav sports team you’re not a man. So for him he will don his Pittsburgh Penguins jersey. Omg my heart started beating so fast and I got so excited!!!!!!!!!! It was only after class I mustered up the courage to ask him, “Prof you’re a pens’ fan?” He said yes and asked me what was I. “I’m a hawks’ fan!!!!!!!!” And he was like, “oh no!!!!” HAHA. He asked me how I got into ice hockey and I asked if he attended the Stanley cup finals last year. He told me another prof was a Jets’ fan. Mannnnnnnn this is so exciting! I seldom find the courage to chat with professors but this was too exciting. I mean, I don’t know a lot of people who watches NHL. And Hawks gets me excited! Oh yeah! My prof also said, “Well Hawks is doing really great now aren’t they?!” I was like YEAH!!!! Can’t wait for THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!!! Hopefully we will have a Hawks VS Pens game, that’ll be really exciting. 

In the evening I played MK with my friends and it was so fun! My throat feels dry from all the shouting haha. It was a really good evening spent 😌 I think the best part of the day is that I got back all my midterms’ results and for the first time in a Long while, I think I didn’t screw up that bad. I am genuinely quite taken aback at my results because I recalled doing real badly….  I don’t know if this is hard work or miracle, but thank you. 

So hyped for Highlight’s album to be out!!!!! All the teasers are so cute! And my idols are suddenly updating their instagram a LOT ever since they quit Cube Ent. They’re such kind people because they kept asking us to smile and don’t frown and be happy. Their album is actually dedicated to all the fans, asking us not to worry too much about them. Ahhhh heart melts. So here’s ending off this post with a cute Selca from Seobie❤️

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