Cube Ent, farewell.

A beautiful ballad by my Highlight. It feels like debuting all over again. Placed a preorder for their album yesterday for my friend and I. She got the Sense version while I got the Sensibility version. You know your idols are cool when their album versions are named after classical literature! I’ve been worried for them lately, because starting all over again from scratch in the kpop industry is a scary thing. There are so many new kpop groups and for us to spend the past 7 years building up our name ‘BEAST’…now we let go of that name completely and start anew.

That’s okay, we will work hard like we always did. Remember how we were once labelled as the “recycled” group? Now, everyone knows BEAST. And everyone will remember Highlight~ I feel comforted listening to your pre-release song and once again, it is phenomenal! GOOD LIFE really write great songs. I can’t help feeling the title “It’s Still Beautiful” is referring to us. Because we will always be Beauty and the Beast 🙂 Kpop is supposed to make me happy, but I think it’s making me sad recently. I miss MBLAQ so much. I miss my MBLEAST~~~~ But a few days back I realise Dujun and Gikwang occasionally play soccer with Woohyun. Used to call it B2stfinite, but now I don’t know what to call it. Highfinite?

But still, no matter how comfortable you are with someone, if it’s time to leave then pluck up the courage to leave. It’s like a relationship. This relationship started out fun, sweet and full of pleasant times. You worked hard for this person and hope to bring nothing but the best. You are afraid of disappointing this person. What if they replace you? They are far from perfect, but you stayed on thinking that things will get better, or that you will work it out somehow. Problems accumulated, tension arose. You start wondering if it’s your fault for being like that. Somehow they succeeded in making you feel like without them, your life will suck. Like if you leave, you will suffer. You will be happier with them because they are the best you can get. So you stayed on and give it one more try. Maybe the album “Highlight” was Beast’s one last try with Cube Ent. Then one day you woke up and stared at the ceiling. You notice your heart hurts, you feel suffocated. You felt as if someone has chained you down and everything you do is…just not enough for them. You want to leave.

So we did. The 6 of us packed up our “bags” and got the hell outta there. You out of Cube Ent, me out of somewhere else. I will never know your real reason, and no one will ever know mine. I can’t even say that “things just happen”, because they didn’t. They were happening for a long time but we were too afraid to let go and find our new beginning. I am glad we all found our courage to leave in the end. Sure, some nights we still think about it. We still mentally curse them in our heads. But it’s because of people like that that we learn how to defend ourselves in the future. “Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness.” I think my heart became a bit colder each time and I don’t like it… Either way, I will figure things out. Just need that courage to get out of bed each day… like everyone else.

In this shitass life, it’s people like you that make me happier. Thank you for making me feel that life…It’s still beautiful. 하이라이트 화이팅 ❤


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