Kiyodu day

My lecturer once asked if we can choose how many hours we want in a day, what will we change it to? Some people said 24 was enough, some said 16 some said 36. She said if you want more hours in a day you probably have bad time management. Time always seem lacking for you. But truthfully even if you have more hours, you’ll still end up accomplishing the same amount of work. It won’t be better to extend a deadline. 

Bad time management…or more like too good of a procrastinator. I need to change that but I’ve been trying to since Sec school. Anyway in the midst of wasting time, I happened to go on Instagram at the right moment! I caught Yoseobie and Gikwangie doing insta live! GOSH!!!! How great it was to see their faces~~~~ 

They did it at the same time (unintentionally), and I was like WHO TO CHOOSE??????? I kept juggling between both but I chose Kiki’s first 😘 because he was relating some important message which I couldn’t understand. 

Gosh look at this cutie pie with his sweet smile. Anyway he was really sweet! Halfway through someone commented that Seob was doing an insta live too, and Kikwang went, “really?! He’s doing it too? I didn’t know!” (Or something like that… Hangul like poop standard). He spoke with us a bit more then he decided to bid us farewell and told us to go over to Seob’s insta live. He was really nice for not wanting to make us choose hehe. So over to Seob’s I went (and Gikwang went over too!!!!! Omgosh fan girl moment) (we are like watching the same thing at the same time):

Yoseob this boy, he was eating his lunch and he ate for a really Long time while watching TV. He didn’t speak a single word throughout his entire Live LOL. Such a silly kid… probably trying a new style of filming his own life 😏 my mom said Seobie looks so grown up now. 

After it all ended I went back to study OR MORE LIKE SLACKING. A while later my itchy fingers went on insta again and WHAT?! Doojoon was doing insta live! (God bless insta live, and bless my idols for knowing how to use it). 

He was grilling meat and my Mom got hungry. She also said Doojoon is getting more handsome. I told her he has always been handsome. 😉

So with that, it’s been such a great day. Because I managed to catch Kikwang, Yoseob and Dujun all at once. My KIYODU❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

Also I had a really delicious mango today. I wanted another one but my Mom didn’t let me…….told me to save it for tomorrow. Can’t wait! 

Anyway evol psych is probably one of the most interesting modules I took. It requires a lot of thinking nowadays but damn, is it not cool. I read about some mind boggling stuff such as indicative & denotative tasks, cheater detection theory, and some other shit that make me really tired. So I’m gonna sleep now peace out. 🤘🏻


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