I hate school

I unreasonably skipped the very first unrecorded lecture of the Sem today. Somehow I could not find the strength to drag myself back to school. Having some difficulties trying to complete my “holiday” homework….I’ve been chilling too much 😔 

If I can, I would stay in my room forever and be alone. The world out there is too scary ㅠㅠ Uni is scary because of all the grown up decisions I have to make… 

All good things come to an end, baby. So goodbye to my bittersweet recess week which allow me to indulge in my delusional “hanging out” with all my oppas. Goshhhh I can’t get over how absolutely adorable Ji Chang Wook is. ☺️

SIGH. BACK TO SCHOOL BACK TO REALITY…….. GRRRRRRR…. since when did I start hating school so much? The only good thing about this entire month is Highlight’s comeback! ❤️😱 If ex-Beast can face failures and scary obstacles so many times in their life, and still pull through successfully, then so can I.  화이팅~~~ 

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