Somehow one week wasn’t enough for me to recuperate. I dread school so much. Why do I always dread school so much? Maybe because I’m never once coping well with anything at all. I’m that kid who got reminded that there’s a freaking quiz this week which I totally forgot about. There isn’t anymore holidays this month and the next…. which is terrible. I can’t wait for summer break already. I hate school (-.-) I didn’t use to hate school. But nvm, sometimes I think I just hate my life. 

KIDDING (but not really). Negativity ain’t the way to start a week~ went for a haircut today and I think I said “Slightly below shoulders”, but somehow it came out to be totally above my shoulders. In other words… for the first time in 4 years my hair became really short again. It feels weird. Is change suppose to be good though? 

What exactly did I spend my recess week doing? Let’s see… I barely played my 3ds. I didn’t really do much, to be very honest. I think I spent the first few days lying in bed all day watching Korean dramas. I do a lot of that nowadays… in the midst of all this boredom and darkness, my oppas are the beacons of light shining brightly~~ so cheesy but it is true. I finally watched Healer and Ji Chang Wook is 완전 대박!!! ❤️ Can’t wait for his movie to start showing in Singapore! Currently I’m keeping in track with 3 dramas: Missing 9, Defendant and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I was really into Missing 9 initially, but at ep 12 I’m starting to get a teeny weeny bored of it. It had a lot of potential to become a thrilling ride, but they’re losing touch. Defendant is a really good thriller, mystery drama. I don’t know what genre to call it actually. Legal drama? But anyway it’s really exciting and I love jisung and um ki joon’s acting so much. Especially Ki Joon’s acting as a villain. It can send shivers down your spine and make you fear him just by watching. He was so good in Phantom too! 

The drama I really look forward to now is Strong Woman. I think Park bo young is really cute, not to mention Hyungshik and Jisoo. A show with all three, what more can I ask for? 

Unfortunately you know what’s the next “drama” I must watch? This documentary called Darwin’s Greatest Ideas or something. That’s right. Back TO SCHOOL!!! SIGH!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!! There’s a limit to how Long you can escape from reality. I would love to escape for a really Long time but………. 

Life, right? 


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