This game saved my life 

(Warning: Spoilers ahead for Pokemon Sun&Moon) 

There is no better way to start your winter break with a new Pokemon game at hand. I was quite conflicted when I started because I couldn’t decide between Rowlet or Popplio. I love Poppy’s final evolution so much but Rowlet is just SO CUTE. I went ahead with Popplio because it got the most hate for being “ugly”. I wanted to let Poppy prove itself! So I took over 2 hours to soft reset, in hopes of getting a shiny starter. But after 70+ tries I decided to just get the nature I want HAHA. 

Needless to say, this cheeky seal is now my absolute favourite. I named her Udon and she gets cuter the more you look at it. She smiles a lot too, even in the midst of our battles. Just look at that Brionne. Have you ever seen a pokemon so bubbly before?! 

And then we have our main characters. One thing I like is they made the leads more interactive with my character in this game. Usually the male counterpart will just run off alone and occasionally meet up to challenge me. While Hau and Lillie do run off somewhere else, we were always on the same island together and they play a huge part in the storyline. I am glad I got to see them a lot! Hau (the young boy) was SO CUTE. Like my Udon, he smiles a lot too even when we were getting attacked. I think I am just a sucker for people who give their best to smile even in the midst of hard times. 

Was telling my friend how our names were like couple names HAHA. N is basically an inverted U

As if the cast could not get any better, we were introduced to a very cool Gladion. Well, every story needs a tsundere character right? 😛 

The story line was extremely fun too! As usual, it was very sci fi-ish, but this time it involve wormholes and other dimensions. GOSH. Pokemon with a story plot about different dimensions, it couldn’t get any better! Many times, the dialogue really touched me. It’s embarrassing but…I teared up a few times throughout haha. I think you might too, when you had a crazy ass year and then you sit down and play your favourite game. You fully immerse yourself in the virtual world and embark on a journey with your pokemon. I am nothing in real life, but I am something in the virtual life. One of my friends told me to start focusing on reality. I used to feel hurt when I hear things like that, but right now I am in the “tbh I really don’t give a shit what others think of my hobbies” phase. I don’t get both worlds mixed up if that’s what people are worried about. 😉 I simply prefer one world over the other. 

Then comes the emergence of Lunala, legendary of Pokemon Moon. Words cannot describe how beautiful the effects for that scene was. The Sun flute, the Moon flute… just wow. I made my mother watch the scene with me because she kept asking, “你抓到那个黑黑的东西了吗?” 

Took me a few resets to finally get it quick balled and dang, such a majestic beast! Of course I had to nickname it Nebby and the farewell between Nebby and Lillie made me tear up once again. Lillie wanted Nebby to go on an adventure with Trainer Han but guess what? Nebby is going into Trainer Han’s PC. 

Next is the long awaited Elite 4! While climbing up to the top of the mountain, I met my old buddies.

All so sweet 😭😭😭

I like how they made the festival celebration a lot more upclose and personal this time! Everyone I battled before came back. 

Even Gladion 🙂 


All good things come to an end…We bid Lillie farewell unwillingly. I teared up again (in real life) and Hau was bawling beside me (in game). LOL. 

The credits scene rolled and the freaking Alola theme started playing and all the feels…all the feels. I sat back and exhaled deeply. My eyes were wet with tears but I haven’t felt so good for a while. The same feeling when you just finished a good book or a good movie. At a loss for words because it was absolutely beautiful. The last parts really got to me… Are you ready? 

GOOD LORD!!!!!!!! This game make my heart bawl. Fweaking Nebby and Lillie and everyone else. I give this game 15/10 Moons. So with this, it marks the end of my journey…NOT!!!! So many other things to do but the storyline is complete. Goodbye Lillie. 

I will remember all of you…the determined Lillie, the cheerful Hau, the secretly sweet Gladion, our little Nebby, Prof Kukui, Team Skull, all the Kahunas…. and most of all…. 

My Udon, Miso, Wybie, Ashton, Seaweed and 小胖子!!! 😉😂 Best team I can ever ask for. This game is legit giving me too many feels……..


Mission accomplished

My eyes are closing as I type this. I think I slept around 5 hours the past 2 nights… finally finished Pokemon Moon and my god, this game is a masterpiece. I have so many afterthoughts and feelings about my entire journey in Alola. This is why I love gamesㅡ they teach you so many things that you don’t learn in school. Life lessons that is. 

Trying my best to pack every single day of my hols with my shows and games. ARGH one month just isn’t enough to recuperate!