I am exhausted. 

Mentally and emotionally AND physically drained. 

2 more papers down today, and it was a bad day. Normally I would use a more tame way of saying “I screwed up”, but TODAY I need to use an even stronger way of describing….I F***ED UP! I panicked so badly and I stayed anxious throughout the entire 2h 30mins holy sheeeeeeet. To make things worse, my nose kept running and my mucus was all over my nose at one point of time. There were a couple of wet mucusy tissues on my desk which took up space, then later eraser dropped and can’t find and left 5 mins I could not erase my diagram and and and…..I could go on but it doesn’t matter. 

Perhaps I just didn’t revise enough or try hard enough. That paper was tough…like really tough. I am probably the biggest idiot for not realising serotonin affects aggressiveness although I’ve been learning about serotonin in 3 of my mods. Bottomline: I f***ed up real bad. 

But here’s a shout out to my cheat sheet which saved half of my ass. Because the other half is destroyed in all the questions that if you’re sane, you wouldn’t have thought of putting it on your sheet. Zzzzzzzz. 

But I know you’ve tried to save me! You looked so apologetic as I scanned you and silently cursed in my head that I didn’t add that info to your body. Thanks bud, that was my fault not yours. 

So today I saw my mom’s car drove past me and I ran after it, opened the door and jumped into it. I am such a Jackie Chan! Obviously I got scolded for doing that but the car wasn’t going very fast in my defense. I think my brain is just so tired I no longer process the idea of danger. 

In summary, kiyodu is super exhausted and sad today. So how do we solve this? 


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