Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Or Black Friday for us to be exact. But Happy Thanksgiving to people on the other side of the world! Sometimes I feel that Singapore should have more festivals for us to celebrate. Like just manually create some….We can have a fireworks festival, or Carrot Cake day. Or some shit. Basically, I just want more holidays with historical value! 😛 But anyway I had the most unproductive 2 days ever…goshhhhhhhh, procrastination is seriously the bane of my existence. I just can’t help it! Self-handicapping all day err day zzzzzzz.

So anyway since there’s Black Friday sales going on, I went to check out the Nintendo E shop and bought Harvest Moon: A New Beginning! Kinda wanted to check it out for a while but it wasn’t a die-die-must-buy game for me. So since it was on sales, I decided to buy it. COS IT WAS ON SALES…..OK!? #stopspending$ongames

I did nothing academic-related yesterday and this is killing me. 3 more papers and my productivity level dropped horrendously. I watched a few clips of Hello Counsellor, which is this really educational counselling show in South Korea. (Ok actually we could call it a variety show too but educational sounds better.) I realised many problems arise from the error in communication and unexpressed feelings. SOOOOO many unexpressed feelings. I think what left the deepest impact on me was this part about a little girl and her mother. Basically her mom got a divorce so it’s just her and her daughter living alone, and they decided to adopt 2 dogs since it was a lonely life.

But the girl’s complaint was that she felt her mother love the dogs more than her. When she fell sick, her mom will just buy her soda and nothing much. When she has bodyaches, her mom will tell her go rest or something. But when the dogs fell ill, the mom spent $1000 medical bills, and massages their legs and necks. She also speak to her dogs in a gentle baby-ish tone, but to her daughter it was just the normal tone. The daughter often got nagged at for eating in front of the dogs and making them hungry, so the mom always ask her to eat faster and go back her room. All in all, she felt her mother didn’t value her as much as the dogs.

Basically everyone was upset and shocked listening to the girl’s story. Ah but in the end after some proper questioning and digging deeper, it was revealed that the mom view the daughter as the sole supporter after her divorce. It was just her and her kid now. Yet her daughter goes to school and spent more time with her friends, leaving her lonely mom at home. So her mom got the dogs and eventually (probably subconsciously) started treating her dogs the way she wanted to treat her daughter. She claimed the dogs listen to her problems, greet her in the morning, eat with her, play with her. When she wants to give her daughter a hug, the daughter will, “Moooooooom don’t do that~~~ It’s so hot today~”

But you know how some of us are… I kinda relate to the daughter because I am just like her in that sense. When my mom tries to pinch my cheeks and hold my hand, I’ll be like, “Mommy I’m studying!!!” But it doesn’t mean that we don’t like it. AH! I think the word is embarrassment isn’t it? So in the end both of them realise they just wanted the same thing. The mom wanted the kid to spend more time and pay more attention to her, and she value her daughter a lot.

Oh but I must say, her dogs are really spoilt. Her dogs nipped the daughter and she didn’t scold them. But that’s her problem anyway, we can’t always control how people train their dogs. As long as they don’t abuse them, then it’s fine by me. SO YEAH~ That was how I spent my stupid day when I should have been revising for my 3 upcoming papers. No use crying over split milk liao~~~~~~~ Good thing I always have a back up plan.

And that’s burning the midnight oil. (-.-) ADDDDD OIILLLLLL!!!


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