I just want my hols

2 papers down woohoo! Exactly a week from now before I can finally PLAY MY POKEMON!!!! Ironically, I found myself getting distracted by Youtube and I ended up spending my entire evening watching this ludicrous reality show called Dating in the Dark. Basically it has the same aim as SP dates…they want people to like each other for personality and not judge based on looks. In the end they were feeling each other up in the dark and gauging the weight by subtly holding the wrists. Some of them say things like “I don’t feel any connection at all.” But when the “experts” matched them up and gave them their compatibility %, suddenly everyone is like YEAH I did feel a connection. The human mind is so easily manipulated. Now I am upset I spent my whole evening watching that show LOL…thanks to Ellen actually. She was talking about dumb reality shows and one thing led to another……….

What I think is that looks may not have matter so much if people did not have expectations. Hearing someone’s soothing voice in the dark somehow puts certain images in your head: “Oh he must be good looking…maybe tall and handsome.” No expectations, no disappointments. In the end, I think it is still better to just date in the conventional way… at least you don’t seem like an ass when you reject someone after they reveal the looks. Lame show I must say…but damn is it not addictive LOL. I just like to watch how they say they have a connection then immediately reject when the looks are revealed. Why do people go on such shows to find love anyway?!?!?! Does it really work? In the end all I took away from the show is that waistline, boob size, height, smell of the person is what people pay attention to 😜 

Enough about the show. Today something really weird happened. It was around 7:30 am or something? I kept hearing this weird sound while sleeping and it woke me up. Da heck, it was this announcement that kept repeating “Ding dong deng. Ladies and gentlemen……” IT KEPT REPEATING. I was really groggy but I sat up and placed my ear beside the window. I thought maybe got some disaster or some shit. Oh this was in my amazing, run-down depressing looking hall 1. 

Anyway I still could not hear the announcement clearly. And I did not see anyone exiting their rooms. In fact it seems like no one was bothered by it!!! I heard my loomies in the toilet and waited for some reaction from them, BUT NO! Even my roomie was in deep sleep. But the announcement kept going. And going. And going. Gosh, was I dreaming?

I made out some words like…lighthouse…get out of your rooms now. LOL. Then it suddenly struck me. All my notes I had been revising….this documentary I once watched….


That’s how it starts. A voice in your head that arrive suddenly. In my half awake state, I really thought I became schizophrenic. Zzzzzzz. I lay back down in my bed and felt so confused. So the announcement continued repeating. I even checked my whatsapp chats to see if anyone commented about it. BUT NO. At the point I really thought , “Holy shit is it really in my head? Or is everyone in hall 1 a deep sleeper? Or have they all evacuated and this announcement is like the last call??? I cant even hear what the announcement is saying!!!!!” 

Luckily my roomie suddenly sat up. I immediately went, “Do you hear something?!?!?!?!” I have never felt so glad to hear a “yes”. Till now I still dont get what the heck I heard or where it was coming from. But thank god I am not schizophrenic.


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