Meeting the man behind it all

It was a rather last minute decision, going to see Ayoma Sensei that is. Since study break started, I’ve been behind time on my study schedule. Felt sleepy all the time and had very low motivation to study…actually I am still feeling like that now. I know I know, everyone’s fighting the battle of Finals but here I am, almost giving up. It’s just that I am so behind my schedule that I end up losing all my motivation. Which was why I almost didn’t go to meet Ayoma Sensei…I knew I will be even more behind time. 

It’s a love-hate relationship with Finals zzz.

After considering for 2 days, I decided that some things are truly a one time off event. After all we regret more the things we did not do than the things we done right? So I bought a tix and off I go! 

But I went without eating my dinner so felt really faint when I reached my destination. Had to buy a fweaking hotdog that cost me 6 bucks. Cognitive dissonanced myself by saying, “Ok la it was pretty nice.” 

So because of the hot dog I was really late for the event…like by 10mins maybe? Or 5? The chamber was full and the lady told me they are allowing only 2 more people to enter. Such luck sia. I did not know there was a limit to the attendence but phew, I managed to be the last 2 to enter. 

And there he was, the brains behind one of my favourite animes since I started watching animes…Goshyo Ayoma sensei!!! He was an adorable man, just like the characters he created. I couldn’t believe it…this was him! The very man who made Kudo Shinichi and gang! It was a Q&A session and he did mention Detective Conan might be reaching the climax soon. Which is terrible news to me… I wanted to ask him what are his retirement plans…if nothing much might as well continue writing Detective Conan leh…! Hahahaha. 

He admitted that he did not actually try out the murder tricks in the story. And one briefing can go up to 12 hours just to decide the rough plot. He created each episode with an ending in mind and that his favourite couple was Shinichi and Ran. There were also characters who were almost not born, such as Takagi and Hattori Heiji. They were made only because the anime needed them. Also, the Black Organisation are named after alcohol names just cos he found it cool, not because he likes to drink. He’s also in SG sketching some places that he hopes to include in his 1000th episode, but no promises (a lot of cheers were heard). 

He said the hardest episode he had to write was Holmes’ revelation when Shinichi confessed to Ran in London. (A lot of awws were heard). Well that’s about all that were significant enough for me to remember haha. 

Next was the autograph session whereby only 100 people were allowed. I hate it when they say such stuff. I hate competition…Not because I hate losing. But I just dislike idea of having to compete for everything in life…so annoying. Anyway I managed to purchase a random copy of the manga and got his autograph! And a picture of course! 

So I guess another name in the “People I will like to meet before they/I die” list down. Was thinking about all the people I got to meet so far and I feel quite satisfied. Although some was just from a distance away, still glad I got to meet them! Managed to meet all my fav kpop groups (Beast, Infinite, Mblaq & Teen Top) & some good people on Youtube like David Choi, Wongfu Productions & JinnyboyTV. (They came tgt so killing 3 birds with 1 stone). The best part of it all was meeting Ryan Higa 🙂 Although it was really far away but I wouldn’t know what to do if you put me near him………🙊

Ok anyway gtg. Time to restart my engine and hit the books zzzzzzzz. zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZ god damn it finals! 

Peace out! #randombuildings 


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