If I lay here

What a day it has been. I skipped a lecture to ketchup with my readings but ended up chit chatting with my roomie. I realise it’s kind of nice to listen to the perspectives of a foreign student, or even that of someone from different culture. The aftermath of too much cultural psych hehe 😛  It’s my favourite mod tho, HELLA INTERESTING! Every lecture just amazes me. Although I can’t help agreeing with Sheldon at times that “Psychology is the doofus of the sciences”, but interesting facts still amaze me. 

Today was a pretty good day albeit unproductive. I kept rewatching Ryan’s latest video, which was Trump and Clinton’s duet. Perhaps my 笑点 is naturally low, but I kept laughing over it. Hilarious shit. God, Ryan, your videos are an instant mood lifter. On a side note, I think it’s about to rain super heavily in the west. And it’s kind of creepy because the wind is so strong so the blinds kept flying up and down…and smashing against the windows. As if hall one is not creepy enough…. But it’s okay. It’s Halloween today. 

Had a really long convo with Bope today. Something I haven’t had in a long while because we never caught each other at the right time. Secretly I’m kind of touched because two of my friends on exchange never fail to send me “How have you been?” texts occasionally. Amidst all that beautiful European sceneries and they remember ME?! Huge deal bro. I was even more shocked Bope had our picture as her wallpaper. Oh well, hurry home Tan Bope, I miss you too. So many stories to tell, so many plans to make, so many inside jokes to laugh at. 

HAIZ so as you can see, I was very productive in ketching up with all my friends from all over the world.


P.S. For some reason Chasing Cars is stuck in my head. And I listened to it on replay for three hours straight. 

If I lay here,

If I just lay here.

Would you lie with me,

And just forget the world? 

…Yes I would. 


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