Cortisol level in my body is SKY HIGHHHHHHHHHH nowwwwwww!!!!~~~~~~

Panicked quite a bit yesterday as I skimmed through my schedule and realise it’s 3 weeks away from Finals. Jesus christ. Where did all that time go? Missed quite a bit of school because I was ill for a while, and ended up not taking the two tests I was preparing myself for. Oh well, such is life. I am glad I feel a lot better now so it’s time to ketchup with everything again pheeeeeew. My friend told me they watched Memento during bio pop lecture yesterday. Glad I wasn’t there if not I would have been so excited to just talk about the movie. That movie is gold!!!!

I actually watched a horror/gore movie all by myself for the first time in my life HAHA. It was this:


I guess it was obvious why I was willing to sit through it by myself…because RYAN HIGA was in it!!!!!!! I gotta admit, being a sci-fi movie enthusiast, this one had a lot of loopholes. Basically it is about a group of people who signed up to be lab rats for a certain drug and….well you know the rest. Things obviously go very wrong as of all lab rats/drug movies. I felt that the ending could’ve been better if they made it more twisted. It wasn’t that scary or gory either, just a lot of jumpscares. But I think Ryan was awesome in it and his scenes were all I was waiting for 😛

Had a project meeting today and it was actually quite exciting to research about Elon Musk, and then deciphering his personality profiles from the psych POV. He’s truly an inspiring man, mostly for his diligence and wits. I particularly like this quote of his: “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” Anyway it’s the weekends once again! It’s ridiculous that today was the only day I attended school but at the end of it, I felt soooooo exhausted. School really tires me out hahaha.

SH out!~




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