The last time I posted you guys were 5 years old. And today you’re 7. 2016 has been a highly unpredictable year in every aspect, but I’ve always seen Beast as a constant in my life. Time…the power of time. Your journey started out on 16/10/2009, 6 individuals brought together by fate to form a group. I got to know all of you during your days as these young budding artists: 

From that to this:

You’ve grown a lot, haven’t you oppas? ^^ I’m thankful I witnessed your growth over the years and thankful to be your fan. Still the number one kpop group in my heart and I want nothing but the best for your careers. So 2016 was a big blow to me. Hyunseung left us. For months I didn’t listen to kpop especially not your songs. Who will replace his singing parts in older songs? What will we do about the void he left behind? Different news were flooding in, gossips flowed everywhere. People were saying Hyunseung got bullied by the remaining 5. It didn’t help that all of you unfollowed him on Instagram and vice versa. 

But sometimes people have a way of making gossips sound like the truth when you start doubting. I decided not to doubt. It was a tough period for Beast and for your fans but eventually I’ve come to accept that as we grow older, our priorities change. Childish “fans” were hating on HS but what for? I think I’m feeling better now after listening to your latest album. 7 years later, still amazing as ever. Today, it was announced that Beast will be leaving Cube Ent. What will happen from here? I don’t know but thank you for staying together and leaving together. I’m sad knowing I’ll have no reason to visit Cube Cafe or Cube Ent when I visit Korea in the future. But glad that I got to visit it and sat there imagining what it’ll be like if I happen to run into you guys at the Cafe. Ah well good old days 🙂 

So this year has been tough on all of us as we struggle against the ebb and flow of life, but we will carry on. Even if years later all of us are in different places in life, no longer connected as idols and fans, I’ll always be a B2uty to this wonderful group B2st. In my heart, you’ll always be six. 


Finished an anime called Orange today. Very touching towards the end. In short, it’s about this group of friends who tried to get their past selves to save a friend. I think it tackled the notion of depression rather well. I really love shows that have to do with time traveling…such an interesting concept. Ah besides that, I think I’ve entered a productivity slump….. I feel really tired. 

But I’ll pull through as always. We will clear the bothersome projects one by one, we will clear the quizzes and Finals. So hang in there! 

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