Onward to Rainbow Bridge 

Let’s talk about this dog. Can’t remember when I first followed this insta account (I think 2012?). I recall singing praises at the owners because he (Piri) is one of the most beautiful and well taken care senior dog I’ve come across. Even at a ripe old age, his eyes were shiny. Jane and Yangkyu (his owners) take such great care of him that I’m once again convinced inspiring pet owners do exist. Owners who treat their pet with unlimited love and care come hell or high water. Piri faced a lot of health complications as he grew older, but the things his owners did for him was commendable. Jane tried out different diets just to get Piri to eat, rushes him to the vet at any time of the day. I think when you see a good pet owner you’ll easily know it. They’re no doubt one of the best pet owners I’ve come across. 

Just now, Piri passed away after living a memorable 17 years. As an avid fan of Piri’s cute pictures and shenningans that were often uploaded on Instagram, I’ll miss him deeply. My condolences to Jane and Yangkyu, but Piri was very lucky to be your dog. 

How you love Piri is how I will love my dog in the future. Rest in peace, Piri. May you now be healthy and no longer in pain 🙂 


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