Hockey season is back!!! So we lost the first game of the season but somehow Hawks always manage to pull through 🙂 it’s great to see my fav goalie back in action. Really happy for him because he played for Canada in World Cup Hockey and Team Canada won! 

Ah, what a long and tiring week it was. I discovered moments ago that BUNGOU STRAY DOGS SEASON TWO WAS OUT! Was exhilarated upon seeing that!!!! I’ve been so obsessed with this manga/anime and the first few eps of season 2 was about Dazai!!!!! and his days in Port Mafia. Sooooo good. The opening and ending songs are FANTASTIC! Been listening to the ending song on replay ever since. 
Just look at the beautiful scenes:

Today I was telling my mom since the sem started, I’ve only missed school twice due to valid reasons. And she went “Wahhh not bad ah.” I’m pretty impressed with myself too…not sure why but I’ve suddenly discovered the joys of attending lectures in real life. Lol. I even attended RECORDED LECTURES! Hehe. 

I’m dying for winter break to reach but for that to happen, there’s various obstacles I’ve to get through first 😦 Projects, more quizzes and shit, finals, Haiz….. But all is well. Even if it’s not well, just put on a smile and fight on!!!!! 

Let’s do this 🤘🏻

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