Things I do when I should be studying 

Somehow I have the habit of using my studying sessions as a good time to reminisce and dig up old stuff. Today I dug up my maple prepaid cards, along with a bunch of stuff from the life of kiyodu circa 2002–2009. I was obsessed with my games (what’s new?) and even created maps and stories about the characters during lesson times. Oh those good old days of not having to listen but still doing well in studies… 😛 Man…I am impressed by my dedication and mild obsession to the games I played. But anyway I’ve been watching loads of Maple 5th job skills videos and I decided to chase the childhood dream I never did achieve: to reach the max level of maplestory. It has to be done in this lifetime man…. No regrets right?! So I’m really excited for winter break now! As we grow older it gets harder to play so many games because my real life is terribly busy. HAHA OH WELL who says virtual life isn’t as important? 😉 

I wished I had bought more last time HAHA so that I could’ve collected more cool designs. I genuinely miss my mapling days 2006–2009 a lot but I saw this YouTube comment that went, “Don’t be sad that those memories are over and that we will never get them back. Be glad that you were the lucky ones who experienced MapleStory 2006–2010.” 

I’m glad indeed. 

P.S. Why do my games look 100000x more attractive during school term??????.???????.??????????? T.T 

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