i miss my mapling days

I think maybe it’s because I’ve been listening to a playlist of Maple Story soundtracks this entire week while studying, or because I simply miss those days. But nostalgia has been hitting me hard and there are so may fun memories from my hardcore mapling days I cherish deeply 😦 Those are the days that will never return. So tonight, after feeling super nostalgic, I remembered the existence of this guild video long time ago. I didn’t even realise it has been 7 years! But I found it! So here’s a random video to share with whoever’s reading this, but mostly to keep it here for memory’s sake. Future kiyodu will probably want to watch it again. Before going by the name of kiyodu…I go by another name 😉

Can you tell which is me?! HAHAHA! I am so shocked at my level. This was the character that gave me one of the best memories in Maple and I haven’t touched her since she had her 4th job advancement….Maybe someday I will once again resume my very first job that I wanted to be on Maple Story…A (noob) I/L Arch Mage!!!


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