Cortisol level in my body is SKY HIGHHHHHHHHHH nowwwwwww!!!!~~~~~~

Panicked quite a bit yesterday as I skimmed through my schedule and realise it’s 3 weeks away from Finals. Jesus christ. Where did all that time go? Missed quite a bit of school because I was ill for a while, and ended up not taking the two tests I was preparing myself for. Oh well, such is life. I am glad I feel a lot better now so it’s time to ketchup with everything again pheeeeeew. My friend told me they watched Memento during bio pop lecture yesterday. Glad I wasn’t there if not I would have been so excited to just talk about the movie. That movie is gold!!!!

I actually watched a horror/gore movie all by myself for the first time in my life HAHA. It was this:


I guess it was obvious why I was willing to sit through it by myself…because RYAN HIGA was in it!!!!!!! I gotta admit, being a sci-fi movie enthusiast, this one had a lot of loopholes. Basically it is about a group of people who signed up to be lab rats for a certain drug and….well you know the rest. Things obviously go very wrong as of all lab rats/drug movies. I felt that the ending could’ve been better if they made it more twisted. It wasn’t that scary or gory either, just a lot of jumpscares. But I think Ryan was awesome in it and his scenes were all I was waiting for 😛

Had a project meeting today and it was actually quite exciting to research about Elon Musk, and then deciphering his personality profiles from the psych POV. He’s truly an inspiring man, mostly for his diligence and wits. I particularly like this quote of his: “If something is important enough, even if the odds are against you, you should still do it.” Anyway it’s the weekends once again! It’s ridiculous that today was the only day I attended school but at the end of it, I felt soooooo exhausted. School really tires me out hahaha.

SH out!~




Winter break where ya at? 

On some days it’s so hard to get cracking. I stare at my workload and ended up procrastinating for hours. Things are always the most tiring in the middle of the semester. It is when your motivation at the start of the sem decreased a little after the disappointing midterms, & your willpower is dying out. You can’t sleep well because of the stress and panic, so when it’s time to wake up you’re still exhausted. So I ended up doing everything else besides studying. 😅 OH WELL….. What to do? The only way to escape hell is to pull through. Hang in there, kiyodu. 


Early morning Hawkey game VS the Flyers (we are winning so far) (Hossa’s 500th goal today) plus Poke Sun 🌞 & Moon 🌚 demo! You can keep going back a few days later and the NPCs may give you gifts. 

Yesterday was so exhausting. This week I skipped school to ketchup on some work. Managed to (almost) finish my to do list before the demo dropped and spent around 30 mins playing it? It was really short actually. But OMG IT WAS SO GOOD! Rockruff is hella adorable and the battle bond thing had such great effects! Greninja became ASH GRENINJA through the battle bond…. Sweet! 

TEAM SKULL! looking forward to battle them! They’re so quirky

Z MOVE!!! Its more awesome than it looks!

I can’t wait but there’s still a month left and I’ve to pass the Finals hurdle first…. Not to mention them projects Haiz. Aiyooooooooo holidays ahhhhhhhh 快点快点🌚 

Look what my dad bought during his short trip home…WELL I did say to buy more but now I’ve 16 cheese tarts on my hand with my family members telling me, “涵,你吃吧。” Shocked face. I realise it’s quite strange that when I was younger, my mom emphasize the concept of sharing good stuff a lot. But once I mastered that concept, she tell me to eat everything by myself 😂 

Ciao ciao~ 


The last time I posted you guys were 5 years old. And today you’re 7. 2016 has been a highly unpredictable year in every aspect, but I’ve always seen Beast as a constant in my life. Time…the power of time. Your journey started out on 16/10/2009, 6 individuals brought together by fate to form a group. I got to know all of you during your days as these young budding artists: 

From that to this:

You’ve grown a lot, haven’t you oppas? ^^ I’m thankful I witnessed your growth over the years and thankful to be your fan. Still the number one kpop group in my heart and I want nothing but the best for your careers. So 2016 was a big blow to me. Hyunseung left us. For months I didn’t listen to kpop especially not your songs. Who will replace his singing parts in older songs? What will we do about the void he left behind? Different news were flooding in, gossips flowed everywhere. People were saying Hyunseung got bullied by the remaining 5. It didn’t help that all of you unfollowed him on Instagram and vice versa. 

But sometimes people have a way of making gossips sound like the truth when you start doubting. I decided not to doubt. It was a tough period for Beast and for your fans but eventually I’ve come to accept that as we grow older, our priorities change. Childish “fans” were hating on HS but what for? I think I’m feeling better now after listening to your latest album. 7 years later, still amazing as ever. Today, it was announced that Beast will be leaving Cube Ent. What will happen from here? I don’t know but thank you for staying together and leaving together. I’m sad knowing I’ll have no reason to visit Cube Cafe or Cube Ent when I visit Korea in the future. But glad that I got to visit it and sat there imagining what it’ll be like if I happen to run into you guys at the Cafe. Ah well good old days 🙂 

So this year has been tough on all of us as we struggle against the ebb and flow of life, but we will carry on. Even if years later all of us are in different places in life, no longer connected as idols and fans, I’ll always be a B2uty to this wonderful group B2st. In my heart, you’ll always be six. 


Finished an anime called Orange today. Very touching towards the end. In short, it’s about this group of friends who tried to get their past selves to save a friend. I think it tackled the notion of depression rather well. I really love shows that have to do with time traveling…such an interesting concept. Ah besides that, I think I’ve entered a productivity slump….. I feel really tired. 

But I’ll pull through as always. We will clear the bothersome projects one by one, we will clear the quizzes and Finals. So hang in there! 

Onward to Rainbow Bridge 

Let’s talk about this dog. Can’t remember when I first followed this insta account (I think 2012?). I recall singing praises at the owners because he (Piri) is one of the most beautiful and well taken care senior dog I’ve come across. Even at a ripe old age, his eyes were shiny. Jane and Yangkyu (his owners) take such great care of him that I’m once again convinced inspiring pet owners do exist. Owners who treat their pet with unlimited love and care come hell or high water. Piri faced a lot of health complications as he grew older, but the things his owners did for him was commendable. Jane tried out different diets just to get Piri to eat, rushes him to the vet at any time of the day. I think when you see a good pet owner you’ll easily know it. They’re no doubt one of the best pet owners I’ve come across. 

Just now, Piri passed away after living a memorable 17 years. As an avid fan of Piri’s cute pictures and shenningans that were often uploaded on Instagram, I’ll miss him deeply. My condolences to Jane and Yangkyu, but Piri was very lucky to be your dog. 

How you love Piri is how I will love my dog in the future. Rest in peace, Piri. May you now be healthy and no longer in pain 🙂 

My art piece 

Hi I’m kiyodu and I like biting straws. 

“When you’re going through hell, keep going.” 😞

A comic book I borrowed from the lib. My goodness I had an accumulated library fee of $14… I didn’t want to pay up. I wanted to just let it go on till I die because I’ve got other library cards to use. But my mom made me pay up. #Momwillguideyouhome $14 though….geez. How did that happen? 

How to be happy? 



Hockey season is back!!! So we lost the first game of the season but somehow Hawks always manage to pull through 🙂 it’s great to see my fav goalie back in action. Really happy for him because he played for Canada in World Cup Hockey and Team Canada won! 

Ah, what a long and tiring week it was. I discovered moments ago that BUNGOU STRAY DOGS SEASON TWO WAS OUT! Was exhilarated upon seeing that!!!! I’ve been so obsessed with this manga/anime and the first few eps of season 2 was about Dazai!!!!! and his days in Port Mafia. Sooooo good. The opening and ending songs are FANTASTIC! Been listening to the ending song on replay ever since. 
Just look at the beautiful scenes:

Today I was telling my mom since the sem started, I’ve only missed school twice due to valid reasons. And she went “Wahhh not bad ah.” I’m pretty impressed with myself too…not sure why but I’ve suddenly discovered the joys of attending lectures in real life. Lol. I even attended RECORDED LECTURES! Hehe. 

I’m dying for winter break to reach but for that to happen, there’s various obstacles I’ve to get through first 😦 Projects, more quizzes and shit, finals, Haiz….. But all is well. Even if it’s not well, just put on a smile and fight on!!!!! 

Let’s do this 🤘🏻

It’s so hot here 

Tonight was kinda nice. All thanks to a free bottle of milk latte, it somehow led to a mini ketchup session with people I’ve not seen in months. A few days back, I met my old buddy Paw Paw and he actually licked me. My heart did a leap. Dude, do you know how hard is it to get a cat to lick you or even expose its belly in front of you? Paw Paw is my fav kitty everrrrr 😍 I’ve always wondered how old Paw Paw is. Live long my friend. 

On a more exciting note, HOCKEY SEASON STARTS TOMORROW!!!!! Let’s go Hawks, onward to another season of excitement. 

Things I do when I should be studying 

Somehow I have the habit of using my studying sessions as a good time to reminisce and dig up old stuff. Today I dug up my maple prepaid cards, along with a bunch of stuff from the life of kiyodu circa 2002–2009. I was obsessed with my games (what’s new?) and even created maps and stories about the characters during lesson times. Oh those good old days of not having to listen but still doing well in studies… 😛 Man…I am impressed by my dedication and mild obsession to the games I played. But anyway I’ve been watching loads of Maple 5th job skills videos and I decided to chase the childhood dream I never did achieve: to reach the max level of maplestory. It has to be done in this lifetime man…. No regrets right?! So I’m really excited for winter break now! As we grow older it gets harder to play so many games because my real life is terribly busy. HAHA OH WELL who says virtual life isn’t as important? 😉 

I wished I had bought more last time HAHA so that I could’ve collected more cool designs. I genuinely miss my mapling days 2006–2009 a lot but I saw this YouTube comment that went, “Don’t be sad that those memories are over and that we will never get them back. Be glad that you were the lucky ones who experienced MapleStory 2006–2010.” 

I’m glad indeed. 

P.S. Why do my games look 100000x more attractive during school term??????.???????.??????????? T.T