Another new day 

Today’s Momentum looks so stunning it almost seem fake. I do love lighthouses! “Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” What a great reminder. Mugging for midterms when your own body is against you is honestly no joke. But give up I must not! 

May the Force be with me because I kinda need it… 🙂 

I may have just eaten the best tasting cheese tart I ever came across in my 21 years of existence. My dad brought these back from a bakery in Chengdu. I’m not kidding. Best tasting cheese tart EVER. Hopefully I’ll have a lucky week ahead upon eating this tart! 😜

Update @ 7:02PM:

Was feeling pretty lousy because I’m sick and all… While sitting at my table, I suddenly had an urge to look out of the window. 

So I did. 

It was a FULL rainbow! This picture doesn’t do it justice. It was beautiful. Holy shit! Tears actually came to my eyes. The last time I saw a rainbow was in Jan 2013…strangely I was also having a bad day that day. Anyway, I immediately yelled at my whole family and burst into their rooms: “GOT RAINBOW GOT RAINBOW!!!” What a glorious sight! Elon Musk and his Mars plan is great, but what can beat life on Mother Earth? 

While taking this pic, I realise how dirty my house’s windows are and how bad I am at taking panorama shots. 

Hang in there, kiyodu. I think things will be okay 🙂 

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