The little engine that could

Recess week is flying by crazily fast. Ketchup with my work I must. A flood of midterms and projects await me after this week. Pokemon Moon and my other games await me after all of it. GOOOOO KIYOOOOO~  

Loyal study buddy, Tay Chubb Chubb

Secretly competing with myself to see how long I can withstand having that barcode and number thing blocking my laptop screen. It has been 2 months 😛 I may have gotten used to it… Well well, I should get a screen protecter soon huh? 
Today’s probably the most unproductive day so far because I fell sick. I always fell ill during holidays or before exams, why! 😦 Well, they did say that falling sick is a sign that you should give your body a break….but they also said TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN! 

I finished an anime called ‘Another’ yesterday and it gave me the creeps! It’s a thriller/horror anime and definitely worth my time. There was another anime I watched called ‘Mayoiga’ but it wasn’t that thrilling. There’s also a manga I came across recently that’s pretty captivating but I’ll talk about that another time. #animeislife 

Do you know the story about “The Little Engine That Could?” Faced with a steep and giant hill, he kept saying, “I think I can… I think I can….” 

Finally reaching the top, he said happily, “I thought I could.” 

~SH OUT~ 🤘🏻

P.S. I just realise when I type in caps to make it seem like I’m shouting “SH OUT” and “SH OUT” does spells shout. 😏


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