Life in pictures 

I thought the view looks great. End of week 3, how fast time is flying by. I attended all my lectures this week for the first time in…a long time. I deserve a pat on my back seriously… There were so many times I felt like skipping because I thought of the traveling time, but I fought against the urge and just went ahead. So after attending all my lectures for the first time ever, what did I learn? I learn that it’s better if I just skip. Apparently my butt cannot sit still for three hours and I really want to die just sitting there. Forever zoning out in the last 30 mins. I shall keep up my great attitude otherwise. 

Delicious ice cream & wonderful company

She’s really really cute.

Artsy Magi

EK’s doggie, Whiski! Cute

I really want a dog so bad

Like really really want a dog


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