Sometimes losing is also winning

李宗伟,我觉得你今天的表现挺不错了。I never knew badminton could be that exciting to watch. The points were so close. Your opponent was younger, stronger, taller. But you gave your best throughout the game and to me, that’s already the attitude of a champion. I think there’s always something to learn from the attitudes of sports players. Their perseverance, motivation…something I wish I have. All your supporters were crushed when you lost…always 2nd and never 1st. I guess to sports players, getting the gold medal is really a dream they aim for. But dude, it was really such a close fight. A very intense match. I teared up a little when I saw the headlines and you were apologising to Malaysia. And everyone was just replying back  “不用道歉,真的不用。” 

Congratulations on your performance tonight, your career. Giving your best all the way till the very end, I think you’ve already won.  

I also want to talk about Ash. Yes our Pokemon trainer Ash whom recently lost to the Kalos league. It was a very hyped up and highly anticipated battle, but he lost. I think they made him lost because they cannot cancel the Pokemon show. So for that I’m glad. But people are calling him the biggest loser heeeeeheeeee. This is the same Ash who grew a lot over the years. He went from an immature child, rash decision maker, not-so-understanding Pokemon trainer to the person he is today. Seriously, just look at how much his Pikachu loves him and nothing else needs to be said. That’s the same Pikapoo that went berserk on him the first time they met. And look at how his (used to be) a$$hole Charizard treats him now. And his Greninja is the spotlight stealer in the latest season. The only thing that never did change is his enthusiasm towards Pokemon. So Ash, I’m glad you lost the battle. I’m glad you’re not a Pokemon Master yet. I’m glad because I don’t know what I’ll do when the show ends… 

Ok, SH OUT! 🤘🏻

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