it makes me think

1) 不要后悔,不要错过。

2) 活在这世界有什么意义?有些问题问了好几百遍还是找不到答案……没关系。慢慢来吧 慢慢来。

3) 故事里我最喜欢太宰治。他很聪明,勇敢,非常照顾朋友,挺酷的!但现实上我根本不像太宰治.…我想我比较像这个经常瞧不起自己的男主角。连“坏人”都骂他哈哈!

Don’t let others decide how much your life is worth. Don’t let others put you down. 自己的梦想自己成真,何必太在乎别人瞧不起你对吧 😨

Wah this manga is really damn awesome. I finished up to the latest chapter, now got nothing to read again. OOPS I mean there’s always my textbooks…… But yeah I was never a manga reader until lately. Woah but the fight scenes in this manga is like holy shit… Freaking good. Impressive plot and characters. Was watching Detective Conan yesterday and I think I came across one of the saddest episodes. Ran was reminiscing the times Shinichi and her visited the aquarium and someone got murdered. While demonstrating how the victim got killed, he placed her phone in her hoodie and forgot about it. The phone later fell into the drain as they were running home in the rain. So Ran was like, “Shinichi!!!! It was my new phone!” And he apologised and say he will bring her to the newly opened Tropical Land to make up for things. Then he said, “I mean, what can go wrong at an amusement park right?” And Ran happily agreed. 

Holy crap the feels. Because we all know Tropical Land was their very last date before Shinichi “vanished”. What can go wrong indeed…… I ship this couple forever. 

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