Useless but awesome stuff 

Umaru has arrived!!! Collected my nendoroid from the post office today, and there was a super long queue but luckily, there were three poke stops with lure HAHA! And this marks the very first nendoroid I bought 🙂 

A box set of figurines I bought too

Awesome 🙂 I’m pretty happy about it and nendoroids are the cutest things you can ever collect. Anyway hols are officially over so I will no longer have the opportunity to spend money on useless but awesome things HAHAHA…….. Now all my money will go to koufu NS food court Quad etc. 😛
First day of school was hectic…. I left house super early cos of the First-day-late-means-whole-sem-late superstition WHICH IS MADE UP BY ME. I was punctual and Wah so long never see Minn Minn!!! It was 6-hour lectures in a row and holy crap freaking hungry. Other than that it was really great to see my friends again! 

I let a CP 446 Weepinbell got away today shit me……….. My mom is damn nice, she even ask me if I want to go ECP after school to catch the gyarados and magikarps. And told me she heard Punggol park got a lot, want to go? Hehehe!!! It’s really a blessing when your parent share your excitement even though they are not that good with technology. I told her, “Mommy mommy got staryu in the car!!!” And she got very excited too, sometimes she even slow down the car to let me catch stuff. 感动!!!我真幸福!!!

It’s really cute to see the older generations get very excited because they never play augmented reality games before:) 


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