you can’t spell ash without sh

So I realised a lot of Pokemon were surrounding me and I caught many of them, including a Tauros….but then WAIT, I woke up and it was all just a dream. There’s absolutely no Pokemon in my house at all, this is upsetting. You would think there’d be a snorlax on my bed but….oh wait….*glances at self*. Anyway I woke up with a full bladder, a headache and drooling. NOOooOooOOOOOOOOO this is because my summer break is officially ending TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t emphasize how sad I am, or how happy I am. Sad because I can’t spend as much time doing nonsense anymore, happy because dude. My mods are freaking awesome. Too bad one of my electives ain’t recorded BUT GOOD THING I can force myself go NTU and catch Pokemon. And I don’t know how to say this but…I don’t feel the urge to skip lectures anymore. I think maybe it’s because I haven’t seen my friends for ages. Or maybe it’s because I want to catch pokemons MWAHAHAHAHA!!!! 

Gonna try and fight a gym later. I’m actually super sleepy because I only slept 4 or 5 hours but today is the first time in ages I feel like I woke up with a purpose…(ok fine I woke up cos my bladder was bursting). BUT being a Pokemon trainer is fweaking awesome!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 


Two instinct gyms in the horizon. Spark are u proud of us? 

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