Which person took my name? 

My goodness. What a day. Is this how it feels like to be a Pokemon trainer? Is this how it feels like to be Ash? It feels AWESOME! I walked a lot today, my head buried in my phone. Yes it was pretty dangerous and a few times I did almost run into cars or poles. I even stepped on a snail…(which I’ll never forgive myself. I stopped playing and came home after that incident.) 

But guys, this game is pretty cool. Now I get why it helped a guy from not committing suicide (some article I read). Perhaps it’s the exercise, perhaps it’s the fresh air and the view. Today was slightly rainy so the weather was really good. I enjoyed myself a lot just walking around, spending time alone catching pokemons. As expected, most of the gyms in Simei are dominated by Mystic. I tried to fight one in Tamp by Valor and almost won but those people who got a head start a month back are too pro (for now). 

But joining Team Instinct is the best decision I ever made. Watching all the blue-coded gyms in Simei made me visualize a complete yellow domination in the future. TBH a lot of ppl I know seemed to be joining team mystic or valor, which made me feel a bit discouraged. It’s still tough to overtake a gym when you’ve no backup. But then I discover my close buddies somehow all joined Instinct even though we didn’t 说好. AHHH~~~~ I can’t emphasize how cool of a leader Spark is. He’s weird and goofy and suddenly I think team yellow is where all the weird but cool kids belong 😉 

AND SOMEONE TOOK MY NAME!!! Like who else would be called kiyodu besides me?????? It’s like my name for everything! Oh and Pokemon Go really does bring people together. A really kind uncle was asking me “Pokemon?” & telling me where to go 😀 YAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to find even more pokemons tmr! I know all characters look the same, but doesn’t Kiyopoop looks specially awesome? 

Oh oh!! And I managed to chance upon a Dazai card sticker thingy so I bought it HEHE~ useless item but CUTE~~~ definitely my fav character from Bungou Stray Dogs 😁

Dazai is cool. 

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