One thing I like about my school is that sometimes it has really nice sunsets. Maybe they look normal to you, but they always give me a sense of achievement. If I’m in school until so late that I can catch a sunset, it probably means I’m busy with something. When you see a beautiful sunset after such a long and tiring day, it always look ultra nice and heartwarming. A proof that you survived a busy day. Hopefully I’ll get to see more of such sunsets next sem as I launch into my new project— Project PUMS (Pull Up My Socks). Gahhhh am I ready for the next sem?!! It feels scary but I’m excited to start school with my friends! 

FOC ended yesterday and it was more fun than I expected! Gotta thank a few friends for making it super enjoyable 🙂 it was really satisfying to hear screams coming from Room 1 of Fright Night and I really am so grateful to my ghosts! Couldn’t have done it without them. 

Wheeeeeee now back to my nice and cosy chilling place aka my room. Never see my baby 3ds for so longggggg ❤️ and super excited for next sem because I think my cores and electives will be hella interesting and fun! And in Peter Parker’s words: “Life sucks sometimes…but it’s always worth living.” 


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