I wanna be the very best but I’m not the best (yet)

So my bro has been bugging me throughout the entire hols to play this game called Pokemon Showdown with him. Basically it’s a free online game whereby you can rig your pokemon’s stats and all that shit to fight with other human players. I haven’t even start playing but I foresee I’ll be losing a lot of times Liao LOL. Pokemon is actually a very tactical game…to win you’ve to understand your Pokemon and its moves fully. Complement a move with another and victory will be yours. Complement one Pokemon with another and you’ll have a strong team. Flexible thinking to let your team win even when all your types are wrong. Combatting with human players is a totally different thing compared to your classic games, VSing those noob gym leaders and elite four. To me, my bro is like my Elite One that I’m never able to win…he’s just too smart and pro. HAHA. His brain work wonders. Me? I’m just a kid from Pallet Town. In certain ways, I’m like your Ash Ketchum—always rushing headlong into battles and losing. But over the years, he has one Pokemon that follows him throughout. Ash’s Pikachu! Admittedly not the strongest Pokemon in the league but Pikachu has become a Pokemon he uses no matter what happens. (Even when you see the opponent’s Pokemon and you’re thinking Pikachu really cannot fight this one, he still says “Go Pikachu!”) Is Ash dumb? Sadly a lot of people think he is. Ash wins every battle in the end by the way, even with just a Pikachu. 

So after spending damn long to think and choose and ponder which Pokemon to put on my team of 6 so that I can beat my Elite One, I ended up deleting away those “pro” pokemons we’ve always heard about. A quote I came across while fighting the Elite Four has been stuck in my head since the day I read it. It is this:

“Strong Pokémon. Weak Pokémon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favorites. I like your style. You understand what’s important. Go on — — the Champion is waiting.” — Karen, Johto Elite Four

Thats right. Screw the idea of which Pokemon is stronger and which are lousy. Just enjoy the game, lose if you must, know your favourite pokemons inside out. Know their habits, know their styles. And that is why no matter what, my team will always have these 3. Just like how ash always has his yellow electric mouse. 

Blaziken because holy shit it is my Torchic. If I don’t have this it’ll be my Charizard which is also one of my favourite pokemons! Lucario because the first time it ran up to me in Pokemon X, a bond was formed. And it’ll never be broken 😏 Gyarados because I’ll never forget how I train my lvl 5 magikarp into a lvl 20 Gyarados during the old days (without a freaking exp share). Not exaggerating when I say one of my best moments in Pokemon is when it evolved. I simply love the idea of how everyone belittles magikarp but one day it transforms into one of the best pokemons ever. We all have our magikarp days, but we will have our Gyarados days as well 😉 I guess I can say magikarp is one Pokemon I can relate to a lot… 

After that I really don’t know what to choose anymore MWAHAHAHA~ huhhhhhh I made Pokemon sound so hard to play but actually it’s seriously one of my fav games and show to watch EVERRRRRR~~~~~ 

Remember the most important thing about playing games is not to win, it is to have fun 😉 

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