Is it even normal to feel so much love for a gaming device? Every time I hold her in my hands I just can’t help thinking how lucky I am to be able to obtain her. As you can see, I’ve been growing my game collection, step by step. I’ve paid no more than $35 for most of them and it’s a really good deal. LIKE A REALLY GOOD DEAL… Only had time to complete two titles so far, because I don’t exactly want to finish all of them so quickly lol. Spent so much, might as well play them slowly… Oh! Preordered Pokemon Moon a while back and I really hope it’ll be good. I gotta admit some of the new pokemons look slightly disappointing but the Zygarde full form is pretty sweet. Zygarde is such a strange Pokemon… 

I can’t believe my holidays are almost over. Received the email from the bio psych prof and I’m really excited for the sem ahead. Just the studying part TBH……I pray that I’m able to take better care of my mental health as I tackle this new sem at full force. Then 2016 will be over…. Haiz….. What a crazy year. I can’t help feeling apologetic towards the people I’ve hurt this year but kiyodu is really trying very hard to be more mature and brave. My 3ds can’t save me from reality forever. Back to school…back to real life… *sad face* 

Oh! I also had the honor to watch Les Miserables and it was AWESOMEEEEEE. Gave me goosebumps throughout. Couldn’t help smiling when they sang my fav song (Do you hear the people sing?). Had always love that song since my band played it in Pri sch. Very very goosebumps worthy and touching and really make you want to join musicals looooool. Such a wonderful experience! Well some day I’ll definitely catch a show in Broadway!!! 

Such a nice photo I took for my Kor kor 🙂 

Alright bye…. SH OUT! 🤘🏻 


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