New Sem New Me 

Hello. What date is it now? I’ve lost track of time. I think we can all agree this part of summer break is when you somewhat accomplished the first few things of your hols to do list and now you’re just contemplating what else to do before sch starts. For me, I’m wondering if I can start and finish AS before hols and maybe try to finish RF4 or Ocarina of Time. I tried Majora’s Mask the other day but I got stuck at one point of time so maybe next hols I will try again…OR MAYBE NOT!!!! Despite the frustrations met, that game is pretty captivating. Maybe I should just finish everything.

Was cleaning my room today and found some old notebooks from sec sch/JC days. I forgot how diligent I was at making notes last time. Too bad I stopped because I realised my grades still suck. I’m still not used to how uni works. No returning of exam papers, no homework given, no revision papers. 

I’m actually quite impressed by the first picture. It was a book whereby I did all my TYS many times (actually just twice-.-) (and I think it was FYS actually). I even did corrections and all that shit. Too bad I started too late LOL……… So it brings me back to the same point over and over again. 


Okay deep down I do know why. I have an entire chapter about procrastination in my textbook after all but I still can’t kick this habit 😛 this is how every school term of mine goes: the first week is full of good habits. I attend my lectures, I revise after lessons, I prepare for my next class. THEN AFTER THAT IT JUST COMES CRASHING DOWN and I keep skipping lessons to ketchup on other things and every week I just “WOOHOOO!! Yolo!!!” And skip sooooo many things. The most horrifying part is when I touch my elective two weeks before finals and in the first lecture the prof will say,”if you think this is very easy and you can study last minute, I’m going to tell you that you cannot.” *thinks: Walao prof never say earlier….oh wait you did….* 

No more okay kiyodu?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!!! No more no moreeeeeeeee. Next sem I swear I die also will drag myself to the LT to attend lecture. MWAHAHAHAHA~~~~~~~~~ 

WHat?! You don’t believe me?!? We shall see! #kiyopower

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