My beautiful baby

I made some bad choices in life but purchasing my 3ds is one of the best choices I ever made. She’s unbelievably beautiful. It has not been an easy decision for me. I’ve been wanting a 3ds since it first came out, but when it comes to buying costly things, I tend to make myself think and rethink it over. Do I really need it? Will I really play it? Is it worth it? After spending around 4 years of making sure that I really really want it, I finally bought it. Because I really really need it and I really really will play it and HOW CAN IT NOT BE WORTH IT?

But they always say, when the opportunity is there and you don’t grab it, you’ll lose the chance forever. The pinkxwhite 3DS XL I’ve always wanted, the most beautiful device I’ve seen, is no longer in production. Oh right….I didn’t realise 4 years passed by. 

HOWEVER, I managed to get the newer version of 3ds. Honestly I don’t know what’s the use for the extra buttons my DS has. But my friends with the old DS seemed quite impressed with the new one, so I shall be too. Did I mention it’s ALL WHITE? I’ve a thing for white gadgets, and my baby is so beautiful. 

Everyday I wake up and see her sitting there and I just want to run my fingers across her buttons. I can’t wait to purchase some accessories for my beauty, and also MORE GAMES!!!! 
The excitement is real. Furthermore, Pokemon Sun and Moon is coming out. For the first time ever, I can be part of this hype!!!! I am definitely getting Moon because I don’t like sunlight. 

Despite having bad days recently, I’m really very happy with my 3DS. Even if it’s “immature”, I just want to immerse myself in the virtual world and ignore the bad stuff about life. That’s why people game right?;) 

Yesterday I mapled for the first time in two years, and really had fun. Thank you to all my friends who somehow managed to cheer me up (without knowing that they did) these past few days. Even my carousell seller also very nice! She even asked if I was enjoying the game I bought. 

And just like that, I’m 16 days into my summer break. WHY DO TIME FLY SO FAST WHEN YOU’RE HAVING FUN? 


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