It’s been long.

Gee. I’m not sure where to start. Maybe I should start with how fast 2015 is passing by? It’s already March. But at the same time, it’s only March. It is still March. I haven’t updated for so long because I’m just too lazy. I owe a friend a post but I doubt she’s still reading. We haven’t spoke for ages. I haven’t spoke to a lot of people for ages. Not sure if it’s normal to feel absolutely fine about it. I do miss the conversations, but if they come too often then what’s left to say? Nevertheless, hope she’s doing great. 🙂

I’m also supposed to mail a gift to a friend residing overseas, but it’s been 32 days I still haven’t done it. I’m also supposed to renew my passport but it’s been two months I still haven’t send in my photo. Gee, kiyodu, what a procrastinator you are. It annoys me a lot, this habit of mine. Putting things off for as long as I can…it’s okay for trivial matters, but when it comes to homework and deadlines…

It had been a mundane start to the year so far, mixed with negative and positive happenings. Chinese New Year was eventless, because I fell very sick and stayed in bed for 28 hours straight. Yet that makes me kinda happy because I caught up with the latest episodes of Person of Interest, Jane the Virgin, How to Get Away With Murder. Plus not having to meet relatives and answer questions about your future is nice. Did meet up with a few close friends and that was nice. 🙂 A few good laughs, random talks, card games, more laughs, late into the night. What more can I ask for, right?

Regarding my previous post of watching all those Marvel/DC movies? Mission still not completed. I told you, I’m extremely good at procrastinating. You know what? I should really kick that habit. It’s going to ruin my life and I learnt that lesson in a hard way. Like shaking my legs. I need to kick that habit too. Oh and forgetting to eat. And worrying too much.

Hah. Did I just come up with my 2015 resolutions? Funny. Because I managed to put that off for 2 months. Alright good bye. Have a nice week, whoever you are. And may the Force be with you!


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