You won’t understand how fun it is

Today’s been such a great day. Or to be more accurate, yesterday. Actually it’s been a great week. Managed to relax properly after such a disappointing year, but I think December is going to be pleasant. Even if I can’t start my year happily, I sure hope I can end it well.

My entire evening was spent watching the annual Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). As always. I sat through the entire 7 hours, just waiting for INFINITE, BTS and IU. But it was worthwhile. Of course it’s worthwhile. That’s why I’m happy. Seeing my idols has always been an extremely delightful thing. I doubt I’ll ever stop being such a fangirl. It reminded me of the video of the elderly women fangirling over Elvis Presley. That’s me in 100 years’ time.

It’s pretty tough being a Fangirl sometimes. YOU NEED STRATEGIES.

Summary of being a Kpop Fangirl:

1) You gotta distribute your $$ well throughout the year so that you can purchase their albums and merchandise. Oh wait they’re coming SG? NOW you need $$$$$ to attend the concert. And if you, like me, are a fan of at least 5 Kpop groups, just pray hard they don’t visit SG in the same year. $$$$$$$.

2) $$$$$$. So much $$$$$$ needed.

3) Suddenly one of them announces they’re secretly dating someone for the past 5 months. Now you gotta deal with the inevitable heartbreak that you’re just a puny human being in an entire different country speaking an entirely different language and P(Kpop idol as BF) = 0.000000000000001. Then you have to listen to the sane non-kpoppers lecturing, “of course he’s not gonna date you! He’s an IDOL! Pffffft.” As if I didn’t already know!

But the heart is a silly organ. When you love, you just love. How can you love but not love too much? And them being so friendly and good-looking, the heart never listens. The heart loves fully. Too bad, P(Kpop idol as BF) = 0.000000000000000000000001.

4) But you still support them. So $$$$$$$$ still needed.

5) Then you gotta deal with haters (who usually don’t even listen to Kpop) telling you, “Kpop sucks” “plastic faces” “can’t even sing” “they’re so ugly” “Kpop sucks” “Kpop sucks”.

And you can only tell them “Shush….Kpop idols, plastic or not, are still human beings. They’re still people with feelings, passion, talents, perseverance. They faced countless rejections and stress until they finally get accepted in the entertainment industry. Then they trained for 4-5 years. Then they finally debut, and now they have to deal with haters who apparently listen to music with eyes not ears. But it’s okay, their passion for dancing and singing outweigh their fear of failure, fear of societal pressure. So don’t go around hating on a certain genre of music, because music is supposed to bring joy not hate.”
I seriously can’t emphasize this enough, listen to music with ears not eyes. And also not all Koreans undergo plastic surgery so don’t be ignorant! I think my Korean friends do not have any work done.

6) But of course, tiring and financially draining as it may be, the happiness received in return is invaluable. 😉

Okay abrupt ending. Goodnight! Hopefully I dream of my idols tonight teehee.

P.S it’s been exactly 4 years since I attended my first Kpop concert. That’s fast…

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