Nothing to do, might as well

I finally “motivated” myself to start watching all the superhero movies that have accumulated over the years. Even when it comes to watching movies, I am still good at procrastinating. A lingering question on my mind over the years has always been, “Which is my favourite superhero?”. So…we have Batman, Spiderman, Aquaman, Iron Man, Superman, Flash etc. In order to answer my own question, I’ve decided to embark on what I call “The Superhero Marathon”. To be fair and square to all the superheroes out there, I shall watch every one of your movies so that my judgement will no longer be biased. Before this, I’ve always been labeling Iron Man as my favourite superhero, but that’s because I like his armor and house. And realistically speaking, if you could successfully build his armor then you could become Iron Man. After all, his superpower is his armor, which is more likely to obtain rather than a radioactive spider…Oh wait, maybe that’s possible too…

So I guess the next few days or even weeks, I will be holed up in my room and watching every single movie before deciding on my verdict. Or maybe I will just get bored and stop halfway. Nah, I shall obtain the answer to my question before 2014 ends.

But…why do we have so many men but so little women? Why Cat Woman, not Bird Lady? Why Iron Man, why not use alloy? So many questions, but no answers.

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