Just another day being a Birdophile

I’ve always wanted to be a bird.
Wolves are one of my favourite animals, sometimes I contemplate becoming one of them, but becoming a bird still wins. Not sure what kind of bird though. Perhaps an eagle, because I’m really drawn to an eagle’s call…but then I’ll have to prey on cute, little animals and watch as they struggle under my talons. Not to mention living a lonely life all the way high up a cliff. But hey! I’ll be the coolest bird of prey out there and every time I’m circling above your heads, you’ll shiver and wonder if I’m secretly spying on you with my awesome eyesight.

So I heard a really unique bird call outside my window today! Probably the first in my ten years living here. It sounds like a…bird version of a happy monkey calling, and a little like the laugh of a kookaburra. My friend Pololapa always attracts a lot of strange insects and birds, which makes me procrastinate because I spent too much time “bird watching”. Pololapa is the tree right outside my window, just in case you’re wondering…

I spent ages trying to spot the mysterious birds, then trying to google. Although “which bird in singapore sounds like a monkey” “birds that sound like a happy monkey” were not very helpful. The closest I got was a kookaburra but I’m prettttty sure they don’t live in Singapore. I could only continue to listen to the two mysterious monkey-sounding birds conversing, with their identities forever concealed.

What caught my attention was this little perky Golden-bellied Gerygone (no I’m not a bird expert. You’ve no idea what kind of nonsensical keywords I typed in to search for their names…). It landed really close to my window, fluttering its adorable wings, so cute! I got really excited but it took off and vanished across the horizon, leaving me trapped in my lonely bedroom spying on little birds.

As I watched another gerygone perched on Pololapa’s branches, I realised I really wanted to be a bird for a day. It must be lovely to be able to fly, and I’m not talking about flying in airplanes whereby you’re uncomfortably strapped to your seat with your legs begging for more room. Or paragliding or skydiving. Or worse, only in your dreams. But really to just fly, because I can and not because I pretend that I can. I want to trust my own wings and not a parachute.

Strangely, this gerygone stood on the branch for a really long time. As if it was observing humanity and pondering the wonders of becoming a human. “I want to be able to talk and run. I want to stop having to eat all these silly insects. I want to have steak at a dinner table!” I’ve no idea where I’m heading with this topic, but I just want to become a bird and fly and sing to myself all day. If I ever become an eagle I will never shut up. I’ll just do my majestic eagle call in your ears every single sec.

Enough of the bird talk. I happened to read the blog of a child prodigy this evening. I must say I’m a little surprised. I always thought it must’ve feel good to be super intelligent. Of course intelligence comes with a cost. But so does ignorance. Anyway she was “complaining” about how she wishes to stay up late chit-chatting on the phone with friends, or go to prom. Instead of always traveling around the world to give inspirational talks.

I hereby conclude that the grass on the other side is always greener. Every time people tell me that they wish they were taller, I really want to donate some of my height to them. Well sure, you get to breathe “fresher” air on crowded mrts, but you also get to stare at the top of everyone’s heads. While you’re busy counting how many people are losing hair, everyone’s having fun conversations “below” you.
And while we want to be smarter, the smarter kids want to have freer lifestyles like us. Well well. Isn’t humanity complicated?

Time for an abrupt ending, bye!


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