Thanks Ronald

For the past 10 years I’ve been living in Simei, I’ve always been wishing for this to happen. And also wondering why it doesn’t.

Why is it Tampines has 4? Pasir Ris has 4. And Simei has 0. I kept asking around, and the answer I got was, “Because Tampines already has 4, why does Simei need 1?”

I can never understand why Simei doesn’t need one. Because I needed it so badly. It seems ridiculous not to have one in Simei, just because we are a puny ghostly neighborhood but filled with cool people. But I never gave up hope and I kept wishing so hard for one. Just one. One is enough.

And today, I finally received the news…
Well you know Eastpoint mall (you have to know Eastpoint Mall…it’s the only mall in Simei) had been undergoing renovation for over a year already. And….and…and…

*crashes cymbals*
*hits a gong*
*plays the trumpet*

AND SIMEI IS FINALLY GOING TO HAVE A MACDONALD’S!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m over the moon, the sun, the Death Star. No more having to go all the way to Tampines to get my freaking McSpicy. And everytime I crave for that succulent piece of unhealthy, preservatives-filled meat, it’s right here in Siiiiiimeiiiii.

So what if you have 4, Tampines? So what if you have 4 too , Pasir Ris?

I’ll love my one and only Macs in my one and only ghostly town of Simei. Now no one’s gonna laugh at Simei anymore. We have KFC, Macs, Popular, Daiso, oh wait. Oh my goodness.

I can’t believe this.

We don’t have a library.

Ok fine Tampines and Pasir Ris AND Bedok, you guys win! 😥

The second piece of wonderful news I received is that there’s a possibility that MBLAQ will continue to stay as 5 despite all the issues with their company blah blah blah…..

To test H0 : MBLAQ = 5
Against H1 : MBLAQ is less than 5
(For some reason they won’t let me put the less than sign O__O)

Since p value is more than 0.0000000, H0 is not rejected as there is insufficient evidence to support the claim that MBLAQ will not exists as five anymore.

At 0% significance level, there is a probability of 0.0000000 that H0 will be wrongly rejected ie. MBLAQ will forever exists as OT5.


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