I say 2014, you say Yucks.

To whoever that’s going through a difficult phase in life right now:

I just want to tell you and make sure you know that one day, everything will be going the way you wanted it to be. While “some day” seems really far away, One Day is definitely drawing near. It can be tomorrow, or the day after, a month later, or a year later. The wait for that One Day to arrive may seemed like Forever, or even Never. But that’s all in your head.

I know that if your Future Self have the resources to time-travel, he/she will be right beside you now to tell you that you made it in the end. Unfortunately, your Future Self is probably still living in the era that time machines have yet to be invented. Which is good news, because it means you’re not too far away from that Future Self you want to be. 🙂

But I’m sure your Future Self will tell you that you’ve cried or panicked for nothing. Because that’ll be what I will tell my Past Self if I could. However it is still okay to be a crybaby sometimes. BUT you “cry to keep going, don’t cry to give up”. That’s a quote from a famous motivational speaker but I forgot his name… Oops 😛

There are countless challenging situations in life, and some of them really deliver suicidal thoughts to our heads so constantly. Just a few days back, there was a fatal accident during a Kpop Concert, whereby many concert-goers fell to their death due to neglection of safety precautions. What happened was, too many people were standing on the ventilation thingy and it collapsed. It’s very tragic, but if you want to blame someone, there’s a lot of people you can blame.

Sadly, the concert planner took the blame all by himself and committed suicide. I feel very sad for him because he must have been in so much emotional pain…

So, there are indeed a lot of challenging situations in life that leaves you hanging at the edge of the cliff. It’s hard to find the strength to hold on to the edge, and it’s even tougher to pull yourself back over the edge. The easy way? Let go of the edge. But letting go of the edge also means letting go of a lot of things. Can’t tell you what, because I have no idea.

But one day when you encounter this “thing”, you’ll be glad you didn’t let go. So, I hope all of us will pull ourselves back over the edge of the cliff, walk away from it and never look back. Eventually we will be so far away from the edge, you won’t even remember you were once there.

2014 is such a shitty year for me, occasionally punctuated with some goodness. And there’s 2 more effing months to go. But still, I’m looking forward to 2015 because 2+0+1+5 = 8 and 8 sounds like “prosper” in the Chinese language and I just made that up. But it’ll be an amazing year ahead and Ebola’s gonna die and the world will stop fighting and we will keep smiling.

Let’s survive this!

The One who’s going through a difficult time right now too.

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