I think if you’re together with a same group of people for 1825 days, it’s kind of a big deal.

In the Kpop world, there’s a term called the “Five Year Curse”. The netizens believe that a Kpop group can probably last 5 years before shit starts to happen. Shit = scandals, disputes with fellow members or company, members leaving, disbandment etc. Being an idol is definitely not an easy task, and after 1825 days, some enthusiasm regarding your career choice might die off. With that being said, I want to congratulate a particular group of people who became a significant part of my life since I was 15…..

You did it, BEAST!

You guys spent 5 long years together through the joy, the tears, the pain, the hateful comments, the taste of success. 🙂 Although I don’t want to speak too soon, B2ST really has the least scandals among all the Kpop groups. And I’m really proud of that! Once deemed the “recycled” group by the public (because they were either rejected from other groups or had a not so outstanding solo career), they’ve really come so, so, so, so, so far.

I really am so proud to call myself their aircon. Because fans are too weak. Oh maybe I should mention that before 7th July 2010, I also harbour the stereotype that all Kpop boy bands are a bunch of “girly guys in make up with identical faces, dancing and singing together in a language I don’t understand”. *smiles weakly* Definitely could not understand some of my friends who were into Kpop at that time. Prior to that I really had no idols at all, I wasn’t even a fan or aircon or refrigerator.

I came across B2ST on the night of 7/7/10, when I was casually flicking through tv channels and landed on Channel 5. “Okay…probably another Kpop group. Oh they’re in Singapore, cool. Not interested. Let’s switch th….wait. Wait a MIN. What’s this group? Omg that’s the cutest looking guy I’ve ever seen. Wait… That other guy is cute too! Who is THIS?” And that’s how I got married to a Korean man at the age of 15 hahahaha hahahaha. Just kidddddddding.

Needless to say, I became one of those insane fangirls. But I prefer the term aircongirls. My mom became an aircon of them too and sometimes when I aircongirl over Infinite, she would say, “What about BEAST?!?!” Oh mothers.

I actually just realised being an aircongirl is pretty fun. I also realised that “aircongirl” sounds like I’m here to clean aircons or something. Maybe that’s why they call it “fangirls” for a reason. Fans are easier to clean than aircons?

I’ll never forget the day 기광 maintained eye contact with me for way too long, and stood right in front of me (ok fine. On the stage. With one person between us). I swear the whole world froze and we were just looking at each other. *ahhhhhhhhhh* Too bad I probably looked like an idiot with my eyes “O__O” and he stared back with “•___•”
Good times 😉

I think I digressed so much in this post! I am just so proud and happy for them! I’m like a proud mother hen with 20 freshly laid eggs! So thank you 비스트 for producing amazing music. For being multi-talented (producing your own albums, acting, singing, dancing), but still remaining one of the most genuine and kindest people I’ve ever “known”. For breaking the typical Kpop stereotype. For being dog lovers 😉 For helping me pull through the terrible nights of PW whereby I want to sleep so badly but can’t afford to. For being the idols that I’ll always be so proud of!

The future is always so uncertain. Will the world end? Will we die? But for now, I’m glad we made it to the 1825th day together. 🙂


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