Forever is a word that doesn’t exist

Just a life-changing post about how 2 of my “boyfriends” are leaving me. 😦
Read at your own risk/boredom.

4th December 2010

I still remember the day I first met y’all, and you guys were the first group to grace the stage. I noticed all of you looked sooo good in real life! At that time, I wasn’t quite familiar with your music yet. But I knew you guys were gonna be on my “top male groups” list.

Oh my gosh, MBLAQ. Why must you guys break up?

I haven’t been in touch with Kpop news for way too long. But I was confident that nothing bad/scandalous was going to happen to my fav Kpop groups.


Until tonight, my friend dropped me the news and my heart shattered into pieces. I seriously thought it was a prank… Maybe they got April mixed up. But no no no NONONONONONONONONONONONOMBLAQWHY?!

Apparently Lee Joon and Thunder decided to withdraw from Mblaq. On the bright side, the group “MBLAQ” still exists. On the extremely dark side, what is MBLAQ with just three members left?!????? What is MBLAQ without Joon and Thunder? Oh c’mon. After all these years…loving all 5 of them together….

It’s like they’re slicing off two of my fingers and telling me to “Live without those two fingers!” -_____- #greatanalogy #whyamihashtagginginwordpress

Well thanks. For dropping the news 2 days before your 5th anniversary. Thanks for not letting me know in advance that 2010 was the first and last time I will see the 5 of you together. Thanks for breaking my heart I am devastated.

Sigh see what I mean? Good things really can’t last forever, even if they want to. Things need an expiry date for us to learn how to appreciate. All I can say is, once an A+, forever an A+. (That’s the fandom name, in case you’re confused.) (If you actually read until this sentence, thank you?! For reading.)

I guess I’ll try to understand your personal reasons for leaving. I don’t know how I’ll live with only three fingers left, but I’ll try to…..I hope one day my two fingers will grow back. I hope my other three fingers are coping well too, they must be feeling even more upset than me! 😦

Anyway I was kidding. Thank you MBLAQ for being one of my fav Kpop groups since 2010, and one of the reasons that kept me going back to Kpop. I know when it comes to Kpop, a lot of people think of “girly looking boys with makeup and identical faces, dancing and singing”. So thanks MBLAQ for being one of those groups to BREAK that stereotype, and producing real music that I’ll always love. Thanks for helping me get through the stressful O levels period with your funny variety shows. Thanks for making me laugh! Thanks for being my “icebreaker topic” in JC1, and that’s how I got to know 2 of my classmates better! I’m really glad I got to see the 5 of you on stage at least once! And for being such good friends with BEAST, it always makes me overjoyed to see both of my fav groups chilling together. 🙂

I shall stop here. I think I’m going overboard and acting like they are…dead or something. *smashes palm into wood*

Oh wait one more thing.
Most importantly, thanks for telling us that “it’s okay we didn’t win a trophy, as long as you fans like the song, we are happy. So please don’t be sad.” BECAUSE MBLAQ is and will always be one of the most underrated Kpop groups EVER PFFFFFFT. 😥

My heart really hurts.


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